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28 Aug

Gah, with school starting up, there is not much interesting to blog about. I mean, all I do is I go to school, pay attention, go home, and do homework, and then I tend to surf around on the internet. I have a few hours every now and then during my school week that I am off, and so I try and do either homework, or blog. So it’s not that I don’t have time or anything, I just don’t have anything to say.

“hey, so today I had norwegian and we learned about the middle age, and then I had history and philosophy and we discussed the difference between humans and animals, and then we had English and we learned the basic grammar, and then we had P.E and we bounced around on BOSU those half balls on the floor for balance thing, and then we had 6 minutes where she taught us to relax.” – Oh how interesting. Everyone has their own school days, or work days, and no one really cares to read about another ones as well. Their own is more than enough. Now if you have an interesting job, where new and interesting things happen every day, that’s different. But my school day is just.. school.

So mostly, I have improved from last year, I now pay attention more, and I speak maybe a tad bit more in class than what I did, AND, I do my homework right away. So I am happy about that. It’s a nice feeling to just be done with homework. Not have it hanging over you, you know. Other than that, I try and hang out with Mads, so he comes home with me sometimes and vice versa. Otherwise, I clean up after my mess at home (after mom told me to do so at least 3 times), I surf the internet, play games on facebook, and I read. That’s about it. Not much interesting. What a life I have.

BUT, during those non-interesting times of surfing the net I found a couple cool things; I fell in love with weheartit.com and I made myself an account. And I’ve been hearting I think about every single image there. And I made myself a youtube account, finally, and added Michelle Phan right away : P, and I’ve been surfing around to find some cheap, yet quality ice blue contacts. I found a page that was pretty cool (of course I don’t have the URL right now, it’s on the computer I use in school), they were of good quality (at least so they claimed) and they were to last for “at LEAST 12 months”. I’m not sure if it was the exact ice blue color I was looking for, but so far they are the best I found, and they were rather cheap. If anyone has any possible contact-candids for me, please let me know.

Does anyone else love weheartit ? Feel free to comment with a link to your favorite image!

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