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I never know what to title my posts

13 Oct

Whippet galgo

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So if anyone has any great ideas to creative title, please let me know.

But that was not what I was going to say. I was going to say that I had such a nice start to my day. First of all, I’m off school. However, I couldn’t sleep in because I was stupid enough to miss my bus yesterday, the bus to where I work. I clean. It’s quite interesting, just ask someone you know who once had a cleaning job. Anyway, so I had to go clean this morning at 8. Then I had to walk home, but it was okay. I enjoyed it. And then I stopped while I was walking alongside a field of something, I’m not sure cause it’s all gone now that winter’s coming up. And lately I have realized that I really want a Whippet. Check out this link to check out some breeds 101. The Whippet is there, that’s how I started really liking them when I saw this short film. So when I stood there looking over the field I pictured the whippet, my whippet – a girl, running from one end in 35 mph just going swoosj! and then she’s on the other side of the field. It was just nice to stand there doing nothing. And then I walked the rest of the way, trying to notice new things on the otherwise so well-known road. I found a couple new things I hadn’t noticed before. Then I wasted time at the computer, and then Mads came over, and we walked back to that place and just stood there on the end of the field, doing nothing. And then we walked back when it started raining. It was nice. And then we did hw, and now we are going to eat dinner.


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