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Fall Break is Finally Here!

4 Oct

Hot chocolate, Café Zéphyr, Paris

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…And I’m not relaxing for a second. I’ve got a week off school, but I might as well not have been. It was a busy busy week right before the break (how come ALL teachers want big assignments and tests due that one week before a break?!), and Saturday from 4pm I was at a very good friend’s party, turning 18 yay her! (I spent two and a half hour getting ready – and that was after the shower!) Sunday I was in a “baptism” for my baby cousin, starting to get ready at 10. Today I’ve been working from 8-4.30 – a totally new experience for me, and now my body is finally saying stop. I was supposed to work tomorrow as well, but I’ve got skating practice at night, and then I have to go to Mads’ house, because as you might have learned by now, I am going with him to Sweden to be in his baby sister’s baptism (two in one week, i know!), and I have a feeling we won’t be sitting still once we are there either. Last time I was there I was sick too, might want to not be sick this timeeeee. ^^’ I’m still planning on going to work tomorrow, and then I can just do whatever I feel up to doing at the time, take lots of breaks instead. Maybe I can earn a little money. Besides, being home alone with two teenage boys that have the biggest stereo for their electric guitar ever – not so appealing. I’d rather be at work doing nothing. Besides, they have hot chocolate there ^^ Though today, the button for hot chocolate did NOT spit out hot chocolate. That was coffee, I tell you, can you imagine my reaction?! And mom wouldn’t even believe me, and I had her taste, but she had just had coffee, so she thought it tasted chocolate, I think it was a mix, but more coffee than chocolate. At the end of the day though, this other guy took my side and said he too wanted chocolate but it turned out to be some mix at least. “Score!” I thought ^^’

So seeing as I would be busy busy tomorrow first from work to skating to Mads’ house, then I packed today. So aside from toiletries, I am done packing. Yay! And exhausted. I’m all cake. Oh, cake I want cake. No I actually want chocolate. Not the drinking kind, the eating kind. But we never have chocolate. And if we do, it’s some stuff with nuts in it, and I don’t like nuts. The few times we have regular chocolate, my brother eats it all before I know it’s even opened. Which is mean. Anyway. I should stop this before it gets too long, and I should really go to bed soon, even thought it’s only 8.30pm.

Have a great week everyone! I don’t know how much I’ll be posting, but we shall see.

Boiii (insert squiggly line here. You know, mac keyboard doesn’t have the squiggly line, does that bother anyone else? It bothers the crap out of me, so if anyone knows how to make one anyway, please let me know)


A Beaten Kittie ^^’

10 Sep

Cover of "Memoirs of a Geisha (Widescreen...

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It’s what it feels like at least, like I’m all beaten up. It’s been 100% since I woke up this morning, really. I spent the night at Mads house because school was located nearer his house on some beach, and it would just be easier spending the night at his house. So Thursday evening I was so tired I just slept two hours at his house (what a thoughtful guest I am..), and then we went to bed at 9.30 and slept longer, and still poor Mads had to work for 45 minutes to get me out of bed. We walked to “school”, and once there, we walked back and forth on that beach going to different posts of activities. We walked back. I went to the massage girl and got times most painful massage, I wanted to cry. I rush home, change and rush to skating practice. My first practice after summer was last Tuesday, and by this practice I had bruises all over my legs again, it was so painful! Practice was hard, and then I come home to a house full of 13-year-old boys. And on top of it all, I’ve caught a cold. Great.

But enough of my complaining. I had a nice day nonetheless : )

Movies watched: Half of Memoirs Of a Geisha. The reason why we only watched half, was because the online movie thingie only let us see half, and we didn’t notice that before we started watching. By “we” I guess it isn’t too hard to figure out I’m talking about Mads and myself.

Did anyone see this movie? What do you think? I want to dress up as a Geisha now. Might be my Halloween costume this Halloween. I don’t go trick or treating really, but I do like to dress up still :P

Me, I loved this movie. It’s long, but not boring. It’s strong, and I like the Chinese morals or whatever that shine thru a little bit throughout the movie. I really gotta watch the rest of it sometime soon.


Dinner at grandparents’ house

31 Aug

So another day in school is over. Today was not too bad though, I am finally understanding math, history and philosophy is fun, and spanish.. well, not too fond. Thought it wasn’t all too difficult what we were doing today, as far as I remember. Anyway, after school, Mads and I took the bus home to his place and then fairly quickly after we arrived, we left for his grandparents’ house for dinner. Mince, a scottish dish (if I have the spelling wrong, please let me know), it’s really good. After dinner, we did homework, we were really good, when we sat down to do them, we did them until we were done, no fuss. And at the same time I annoyed the crap out of Mads with playing the soundtrack from Cirque du Soleil‘s KÁ. And, like at most grandparent’s houses, there was coffee and cakes a little later. At least that’s how it is in Norway. Haha, on the way over there I slept in the car with my mouth wide open. So graceful, I know.

And, I swear, I worked hard to get a camera with me, so I could take pics for this post, but my dad took our DSLR with him to his workplace on the other side of the country, and my mom’s camera was dead – with no charger. And mine, well I believe it’s dead, AND it has a full memory card. So, I asked Mads, and he had a DSLR too, but it was dead, with no charger too. I as going to just use his camera on his cell phone, but we then kinda forgot.. So yea.

Now I am just waiting around for Grey’s Anatomy to start, I am totally hooked. I cannot miss a single episode :P

And I think it’s airing soon, so I’ll be off!

Oh and I also forgot my login to weheartit.com. Isn’t that just great? -.-

28 Aug

Gah, with school starting up, there is not much interesting to blog about. I mean, all I do is I go to school, pay attention, go home, and do homework, and then I tend to surf around on the internet. I have a few hours every now and then during my school week that I am off, and so I try and do either homework, or blog. So it’s not that I don’t have time or anything, I just don’t have anything to say.

“hey, so today I had norwegian and we learned about the middle age, and then I had history and philosophy and we discussed the difference between humans and animals, and then we had English and we learned the basic grammar, and then we had P.E and we bounced around on BOSU those half balls on the floor for balance thing, and then we had 6 minutes where she taught us to relax.” – Oh how interesting. Everyone has their own school days, or work days, and no one really cares to read about another ones as well. Their own is more than enough. Now if you have an interesting job, where new and interesting things happen every day, that’s different. But my school day is just.. school.

So mostly, I have improved from last year, I now pay attention more, and I speak maybe a tad bit more in class than what I did, AND, I do my homework right away. So I am happy about that. It’s a nice feeling to just be done with homework. Not have it hanging over you, you know. Other than that, I try and hang out with Mads, so he comes home with me sometimes and vice versa. Otherwise, I clean up after my mess at home (after mom told me to do so at least 3 times), I surf the internet, play games on facebook, and I read. That’s about it. Not much interesting. What a life I have.

BUT, during those non-interesting times of surfing the net I found a couple cool things; I fell in love with weheartit.com and I made myself an account. And I’ve been hearting I think about every single image there. And I made myself a youtube account, finally, and added Michelle Phan right away : P, and I’ve been surfing around to find some cheap, yet quality ice blue contacts. I found a page that was pretty cool (of course I don’t have the URL right now, it’s on the computer I use in school), they were of good quality (at least so they claimed) and they were to last for “at LEAST 12 months”. I’m not sure if it was the exact ice blue color I was looking for, but so far they are the best I found, and they were rather cheap. If anyone has any possible contact-candids for me, please let me know.

Does anyone else love weheartit ? Feel free to comment with a link to your favorite image!

First two legit classes of the first legit school day

20 Aug

Steacie Science and Engineering Library at Yor...

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Okay so there was only one legit class. We started off with English (an elective btw, so stupid), but the whole period went away to the different groups (A, B, C, and D) running down to the library getting their books, one by one. So no English. And then we had History and Philosophy, which, I would like to talk about later, because it was quite interesting, and, I have some thoughts to share, and I also hope to get some shared thoughts back. So please comment on that one. I think I’ll post it when I come home because here I don’t have the quietness to think. 

Anyway, we have an hour of lunch now, it’s the third day of school and people are already running here and there to fix what should already have been fixed, such as computers that don’t work, missing books, assigned classes that runs on the same times, missing classes, full classes, and of course, finding our way around this school. And none of us have really gotten into it all yet; no one has notebooks, no one has pens or pencils, calculators. Lol. We all sound so productive don’t we, the students and personnel and all right? Oh well. It’s always like this the first week of school. Next week there is only bus card things to get sorted out. Some of us that live far away get free bus rides to and from school, and I am one of them. 

So anyway, this is all for now. Lunch is forever long, and I already ate my food. Now I will go with Mads to get his food. Sigh. 

School, the day, and other knick-knack.

15 Aug

Sigh.. School is starting back up way too sooner than I would like to. And I thought, to be honest, we had a couple more days of vacation, but apparently, school is on Wednesday. Am I looking forward to it? Not at all. I mean, sure, it’s gonna be nice getting back into a routine and seeing people I haven’t seen since last year, but I don’t really have FRIENDS there. Well okay they are friends, obviously, but we like don’t hang out all that much. It will also be nice to meet new people, see if I can get some more friends, see what my classes are like, how long my days will be (I think they will be terribly long you see), who are in my classes (I hope at least ONE person that I know). But I’m not looking forwards to sitting there, learning about stuff I’ll never use, boring stuff, stuff that has nothing to do with what I want to do later in life, not to mention teachers I don’t like, tons of homework. I guess I’m just scared I won’t have any free time again. My first year in American school I didn’t do anything but homework, even on the weekends. I barely took a break for dinner, and still I had trouble finishing all. I don’t want that to happen again, especially if I don’t end up in a class with Mads. Then I’d be like, never seeing him.

So to prepare for school, I shall now do nothing. Well that isn’t completely true, but I will do everything that DOESN’T have anything to do with school. Today’s plan was to go out mushroom-hunting. However, didn’t seem like the folks thought of it as a good idea after all. Though I think that if they wait much longer, everyone else would have taken them all and there will be none left for us. Oh well. BUT, since we aren’t doing that, we shall then.. I don’t know. But I think we have to do some serious cleaning around the house. Fair enough, and I’ll do my room, and I’ll help around the house. Hopefully I’ll still get to see Mads for a couple hours today as well. And we have harshly realized that it is time for us to become doers. Because we don’t do anything! We just sit around, surf the internet, and none of it is even productive. So we need to become doers. Get some drive. That little UMPF. Only problem is, I don’t know how to do that… I figured maybe like, you know, play with his little sister, go for a few walks, Mathilda-sit, offer to make dinner (?), teach Emma (Mads’ doggie) paw since she STILL hasn’t learned that yet. This is all over at his house though. And we can invite his family over here, and Mads and I can be the Chefs, and when we are here we can go swimming (even though Mads doesn’t like that), and tan, play games, hang out with Carolina. Walk my doggie. Teach him to go get his leash. (My doggie is so much smarter than Mads’ doggie. My doggie is advanced. Emma can barely “sit” while my dog can even “die” and “roll over” and “teddy bear” – sit). Kidding, kidding : P I have been very excited about teaching my dog new things, so everything he knows is like me playing around with him, but Mads wasn’t too into that I guess with Emma, so we shall start now. And dogs CAN learn even if they are old. Mine did, he was like 5 when i taught him “roll over”. So we can teach Emma too! : ) She is even younger.

So yeah. We’ll become doers. And we be making Italian bread too. I’ll test out a couple different recipes and then I’ll tell you ALL about my Italian bread experience.

Now I have to go clean up my room.

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