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Safety theme creative project

1 Mar

Alright, so it’s officially been a week. I bet you’re anxiously waiting for my response to the safety-theme. Well, sorry to disappoint already, but I haven’t finished it. There are plenty of reasons for this; I got terribly sick and lay straight on the sofa for two days and spent two days recovering, which takes away four possible days of work. Even though I could have worked on my recovering days. And my plan was to make a stop-motion animation, and I got started right away. However, it hit me that I didn’t know how to put all the many pictures together in what is a little faster than slide-show paste where each picture has a total of three seconds each. That wouldn’t make a movie. That would make a very boring slide show. And then there is of course the laziness, and all the other stupid excuses that shouldn’t be there. Anyway, I have been working really hard on drawing the pictures that I am going to use, and I’ve spent a lot of time on that. I have also spent a lot of time figuring out how to put the pictures together.

So, since I have already broken my promise, I will compensate with telling you my entire idea, before you will see the final product. If you want to be spoiled. : P

So, first thing that popped into my mind when I read “safety” was cars, driving and car accidents and seat belts. Surprisingly, during the whole time that I have planned and thought about this project, nothing like fire trucks or ambulances or life jackets or fire extinguishers or anything popped into my mind. It was always the driving and the seat belts. However, just drawing or painting a picture much like the “Husk Setebelte” commercial we have in Norway, I wanted to be a little more creative. But I really couldn’t think of anything. Writing a poem about wearing your seat belt? I don’t think so. Writing a short story of a girl getting really hurt because she was not paying attention to the road? Boring. Cheesy. So I decided to make a stop motion animation since I just had a big English project on The Magic World of Animation. So I decided I would draw a mouse, driving in a cheese car. (Cheesy! – no pun intended?).  I would have the mouse driving drunk in his cheesy car on a road, perfectly fine, like you sometimes are even though you had a glass of wine. He would then not see the tree that is in the middle of the road, not that there would ever be a tree smack in the middle of a road, and he would crash. Pretty simple really, but I thought it would be sort of creative and fun to create a stop-motion animation. I was however, not planning on drawing one image, and then another image slightly different. I have drawn a drunk mouse, a cheese car, a comic strip like “CRASH” you know with the lightning and bolts and car parts and stuff, little dots and stars to create the drunk-effect, and several versions of the tree in the road. I haven’t decided about what sort of tree it will be yet, I’m still working on it. I also drew some stars for after the crash and stuff. I also still need to draw the road. I would then steal the idea of Emile Cohl – create a paper cut-out animation. I would then only have to reposition the paper-cut out, instead of drawing an entirely new drawing for each frame. And it is still a stop-motion animation. I also thought about using clay and creating everything in clay and it would be all 3D and stuff, but I don’t think I own any clay anymore. And if I did, it would be all dried out since I was little. So I went for the paper cut-out.

Bilbelteskilt Ungt Par

But really, the hardest, and most time-consuming part is yet to come: the photographing. And then putting the pictures in order, and creating the animation. I have found the iMovie thing on the iMac, and I’ve played around with it a little to see what it can do for me, and there is even a place I can adjust the amounts of pictures per second up to 30. There is 24,25 and 30 I don’t know which one is best to use, but I’ll find out. However, I don’t know if I can just upload a bunch of pictures and it would play as a movie, I don’t know if I can only use film strips from movie camera. if anyone knows this, nudge nudge, please let me know!! If iMovie doesn’t work, I don’t know what will work  XP. Maybe I’ll only make a comic strip. That, frankly, isn’t funny. We’ll see. I’ll work on it very soon. I don’t think I knew how big of a project this animation would be when I decided on it ^^”

But, I will not only post my result, I will post a step by step on how I did it too, in case anyone else wants to be inspired by it. : )

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