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Mads is here!

1 Sep

Full wool Merino sheep.

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We walked doggie in the woods, and we went to the place where all the sheep are, and it was just a funny moment. I held out a pice of grass and one of the sheep spotted me, and so walked slowly towards me. His fellow sheep then saw me as well, and he followed the first sheep. And then sheep number 3 and 4 also peaked up from behind the hill and they all slowly came towards us, with clear expressions saying “Eh? What’s going on? We must figure this out. This must be some kind of aliens” And they were SO sceptical, and I just stood there with my little leaf in my hand, and they came slowly towards me, stopped, turned to one another as if to say “..should we?” and then continued on. A few meters away from me they all stopped, sheep 1, sheep 2, sheep 3 and sheep 4 all on a line with one in front and the other 3 just right behind him. I had to work not to laugh and just be standing still. Eventually one came over to have my little leaf though :) It was nice going for such a long walk in the woods. The weather is kind of chilly, but not cold, and the air was really fresh. It smelled of cold and forest. It was all quiet and stuff.

Anyway, we took a couple of fun pictures. Now, it’s just from my webcam, using all those fun effects that comes on the PhotoBooth on the macbook. But we had so much fun, and there are so many crazy pictures. I hope our fun times came thru in the photos.

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And we also found the video feature! Lol.

Right, well I couldn’t upload that one..

Speaking of photos, when my dad is back from work this weekend, WITH the DSLR, I am SO going to bring it with me wherever I go and take tons of pictures and really develop my photography skills. I get weekly newsletters by email from DPS, and I am going to use them. I am going to become GOOD. And I am also going to learn to edit them. If you have any tips or tricks on that, btw, please let me know. Remember that I’m a beginner though, so beginner tips would be nice.

Here is the song that we were just listening too!

Breaking Benjamin – Evil Angel

I don’t know if that worked, but yeah.

Have a nice evening!



18 Aug

So I was originally planning to post this yesterday, and I started uploading pictures before dinner but it seemed to take forever, so I let them load during dinner as well and figured they’d be done by the time dinner is over, but they weren’t, so then I figured I’d wait until I was done curling my hair, but it was STILL not done. So I just let it load, and now I remembered them, and so I post them. You see, I had to run yesterday to go to Mads’ house because we were both starting at half past nine today and I would be there at 8 if I stayed home because there are no busses and I’d need to ride with mom. From Mads’ house, we can walk. So we did so.

Anyway, here are the pics from Båstad, Sweden.

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Gorgeous, right?

Let me know what you think!

It’s awake!

17 Jun

I spent an hour sleeping, was woken up by mom and played a little with FO while the grown ups were out shopping. Now FO is sleeping on the couch and Mads and I are being as quiet as possible not to wake “the monster”

He was trying to tickle me and I threatened to scream so she’d wake up, HA. So he didn’t tickle me anymore : P

I had to have a little shoot of her though, she looked so peaceful when she was sleeping

And of course a picture of Mads and I : )  – in popart. weeeeey!

I bet the grownups will be home soon, I’m starving! And I also hope we can make cupcakes after dinner, but I’m not sure we’re allowed… We’ll see!

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