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9 Things to be Thankful for Before You go to Bed at Night

20 Jan

It’s Thursday again, and time for another post! : ) Today I’m doing a list post. It is important to think about what is good in your life and your day, and a lot of people write diaries about all the things they are thankful for that day. That way, you go to sleep all happy, and chances are you’re going to wake up happy too.

So these are some of the smaller things that normally go unnoticed, but if you think about it, it does mean a lot.

Here are some of the things I am really happy about in my day today:

1. Waking up refreshed and knowing there is still quite a while until I have to go to school, and I can get ready without any stress is great. I’m thankful that I have this opportunity on Thursdays.

2. I am thankful for my boyfriend. He is such a sweetie, and he does so many little things for me, and I don’t know what I would do without him.

3. I am thankful for having a teddy bear and a blankie to hug in bed and an alarm clock that does not make the normal annoying sound that make you end up hating it. I love my alarm clock.

4. I am thankful for showers and warm water. I sometimes (actually most of the time) take it for granted, but some people actually don’t have this opportunity, and they are so missing out.

5. I am thankful that I have a family who, despite that dad is working far away and is only home in the weekends, and all other faults, stay close together, and love each other.

6. I’m thankful for people who say smile and say “thanks” in a nice tone when you hold the door for them.

7. I am thankful for having a lovely little black ball of fur to welcome me with a wagging tail and butt when I come home.

8. I’m thankful for my bed. Humans spend 1/3 of their life in bed, and I’m thankful that I have a cute, nice little twin bed, with a soft mattress and nice comforters to wrap myself into.

9. Lastly today, I’m thankful for cereal. For breakfast, lunch, or a snack before I go to bed. I could even eat it for dinner. It’s one of the best things ever. Especially that Special K thing with Red Barries.LOVE

10. …

I leave a black spot for #10 because I want you to fill out, in the comments section, what you are most thankful for today, whichever day you read this.

And if you don’t comment, at least just think about what would be on your “thankful”-list before you go to bed.


Fall Break is Finally Here!

4 Oct

Hot chocolate, Café Zéphyr, Paris

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…And I’m not relaxing for a second. I’ve got a week off school, but I might as well not have been. It was a busy busy week right before the break (how come ALL teachers want big assignments and tests due that one week before a break?!), and Saturday from 4pm I was at a very good friend’s party, turning 18 yay her! (I spent two and a half hour getting ready – and that was after the shower!) Sunday I was in a “baptism” for my baby cousin, starting to get ready at 10. Today I’ve been working from 8-4.30 – a totally new experience for me, and now my body is finally saying stop. I was supposed to work tomorrow as well, but I’ve got skating practice at night, and then I have to go to Mads’ house, because as you might have learned by now, I am going with him to Sweden to be in his baby sister’s baptism (two in one week, i know!), and I have a feeling we won’t be sitting still once we are there either. Last time I was there I was sick too, might want to not be sick this timeeeee. ^^’ I’m still planning on going to work tomorrow, and then I can just do whatever I feel up to doing at the time, take lots of breaks instead. Maybe I can earn a little money. Besides, being home alone with two teenage boys that have the biggest stereo for their electric guitar ever – not so appealing. I’d rather be at work doing nothing. Besides, they have hot chocolate there ^^ Though today, the button for hot chocolate did NOT spit out hot chocolate. That was coffee, I tell you, can you imagine my reaction?! And mom wouldn’t even believe me, and I had her taste, but she had just had coffee, so she thought it tasted chocolate, I think it was a mix, but more coffee than chocolate. At the end of the day though, this other guy took my side and said he too wanted chocolate but it turned out to be some mix at least. “Score!” I thought ^^’

So seeing as I would be busy busy tomorrow first from work to skating to Mads’ house, then I packed today. So aside from toiletries, I am done packing. Yay! And exhausted. I’m all cake. Oh, cake I want cake. No I actually want chocolate. Not the drinking kind, the eating kind. But we never have chocolate. And if we do, it’s some stuff with nuts in it, and I don’t like nuts. The few times we have regular chocolate, my brother eats it all before I know it’s even opened. Which is mean. Anyway. I should stop this before it gets too long, and I should really go to bed soon, even thought it’s only 8.30pm.

Have a great week everyone! I don’t know how much I’ll be posting, but we shall see.

Boiii (insert squiggly line here. You know, mac keyboard doesn’t have the squiggly line, does that bother anyone else? It bothers the crap out of me, so if anyone knows how to make one anyway, please let me know)

Things I’d forgotten about home

5 Aug

I have always wanted to move. Move away from Norway, so I fell on France and Italy, but I didn’t want to live in America. Until we were there again. I remembered how cheap arts and crafts stuff from Michaels and JoAnns were, and how insanely expensive they are here. I found everything was so much cheaper and that I would really be able to do what I wanted there. I had failed to see that last time I lived there. Mom had obviously realized quite long ago, because our “hobby room” is FULL of paint, patches of um.. fabric, and all sorts of things. Never did she use it, but she had it. I would use it.

Anyway, but when I came back home and like we were about to land and stuff and it was only like 60 degrees and I was like wrinkling my nose. Like that is cold! But once I stepped off of the bus in our little town – its not even a town its too small, id say village – I recognized that familiar smell, the freshness of the air, the cool air with the sun warming through it, the slight breeze. When I came home, I walked my dog, remembering the dew on the grass, even at 4 o’clock. The slight wind carrying the ocean scents. And now this morning the Seagulls. Oh how I love this place!

So I quickly changed my plans of moving about. I would settle down here, somewhere in Norway. Somewhere like the place I live now where everyone knows everyone. And I would go on vacations to places like that. I would go for a month at a time, 3 weeks, two months. Longer periods of time, and multiple times thru the year. I would bring empty suitcases and just shop there, what is too expensive here. And you are probably thinking, Kittie, how are you going to do that? It costs money traveling, and you won’t have a job that gives you that much release off of work. So unless I end up owning my own company and just assign managers, I won’t be able to have a normal job, obviously. And I won’t! That’s the genius part! But I will have to work, obviously, and I will do so. I will take on part-time jobs, I will work one time jobs, summer jobs, I’ll be doing what I love most too! I’ll be working in like make-up stores, or something. Baby sit ;P. Obviously, I have to take on jobs I don’t like also. And probably when I’m home there will be periods where I work a lot more. But I’ll do it. And I will continue making my cards, doing other creative stuff, and sell. Mom does that too. There was like this wave a few years ago you see, that hit us here in our neighbourhood where we all started making cards. We all got together in one house, placed a bunch of tables together, covered them in paper and got to work. borrowed stamps and ink of each other, and sometimes we had some more experienced people come in and teach us. We all did this, but now only a few still proceeds with it. I think 3. I mean I think we all make our own cards for birthdays and stuff, but not many make a whole bunch just for fun and to sell anymore, and it’s more individual. Also, making bracelets have become some sort of hobby at least among a few. I mean, making cars is probably not going to make me rich ; P but it’s a slight income right? I’ll be a pastry chef! How cool wouldn’t that be! Its a hobby, but as work!

And if I am good and blog, maybe I will have someone wanting me to either test out products or have a commercial. Thats a little to right? A lot of people make money from their blog. Although that is not why I blog because I will probably never get that many reader haha : P

But I’ll make it work. The only problem will be when kids start school, and getting a boyfriend or husband into my lifestyle. Cause i dont like traveling alone, they’d have to come with me, and that would mean he wouldnt be able to have regular work either.. ha, poor whoever ends up living with me! : P About the kids, I can do homeschool or just hire a teacher to tag along. I want my kdis to be exposed and able to adapt and stuff, so I want them to come on our vacations and maybe 1-year living periods of time, however I also don’t want to drag them around on a move like every year. I have a friend whose parents move all the time, and he says its fun, its interesting, but it hurts. And I will rather have my kids grow u and go to school in a safe known area, than always move. But adapt them by have them tag along! Perfect!

I don’t know if it will actually turn out this way, but I hope. Cause I really love Norway, and I really love America, and I want to go so many places. I’m going to grow so sick of plane rides, but it should be worth it.

So yeah, come to Norway. You’ll love it.

My day so far + pics!

14 Jun

Alright so dinner today consisted of beef, potatoes, and cabbage. And soda. It was delicious, but sadly I didn’t think about taking a picture of it. We hid a little bit of meat around the garden for the dogs to find, which is always great fun, because the one dog searches and searches like crazy and can step on a piece of meat without noticing, and the other one doesn’t understand anything.

Anyway, I’m home again now, to my beloved dogs. Though I miss my friend, Mads. ( http://corruptedsilence.wordpress.com/ ). I’m home alone with my brother and dogs and having a pretty chill time, playing facebook games and reading a magazine. Have to walk the dogs soon though. Oh! I can take some pics then, so you can see some pics, must be real boring reading only text.

But I have my own computer now and I uploaded a few pics:

The beach by my house

Fun photo shoot with two great friends

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