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School, the day, and other knick-knack.

15 Aug

Sigh.. School is starting back up way too sooner than I would like to. And I thought, to be honest, we had a couple more days of vacation, but apparently, school is on Wednesday. Am I looking forward to it? Not at all. I mean, sure, it’s gonna be nice getting back into a routine and seeing people I haven’t seen since last year, but I don’t really have FRIENDS there. Well okay they are friends, obviously, but we like don’t hang out all that much. It will also be nice to meet new people, see if I can get some more friends, see what my classes are like, how long my days will be (I think they will be terribly long you see), who are in my classes (I hope at least ONE person that I know). But I’m not looking forwards to sitting there, learning about stuff I’ll never use, boring stuff, stuff that has nothing to do with what I want to do later in life, not to mention teachers I don’t like, tons of homework. I guess I’m just scared I won’t have any free time again. My first year in American school I didn’t do anything but homework, even on the weekends. I barely took a break for dinner, and still I had trouble finishing all. I don’t want that to happen again, especially if I don’t end up in a class with Mads. Then I’d be like, never seeing him.

So to prepare for school, I shall now do nothing. Well that isn’t completely true, but I will do everything that DOESN’T have anything to do with school. Today’s plan was to go out mushroom-hunting. However, didn’t seem like the folks thought of it as a good idea after all. Though I think that if they wait much longer, everyone else would have taken them all and there will be none left for us. Oh well. BUT, since we aren’t doing that, we shall then.. I don’t know. But I think we have to do some serious cleaning around the house. Fair enough, and I’ll do my room, and I’ll help around the house. Hopefully I’ll still get to see Mads for a couple hours today as well. And we have harshly realized that it is time for us to become doers. Because we don’t do anything! We just sit around, surf the internet, and none of it is even productive. So we need to become doers. Get some drive. That little UMPF. Only problem is, I don’t know how to do that… I figured maybe like, you know, play with his little sister, go for a few walks, Mathilda-sit, offer to make dinner (?), teach Emma (Mads’ doggie) paw since she STILL hasn’t learned that yet. This is all over at his house though. And we can invite his family over here, and Mads and I can be the Chefs, and when we are here we can go swimming (even though Mads doesn’t like that), and tan, play games, hang out with Carolina. Walk my doggie. Teach him to go get his leash. (My doggie is so much smarter than Mads’ doggie. My doggie is advanced. Emma can barely “sit” while my dog can even “die” and “roll over” and “teddy bear” – sit). Kidding, kidding : P I have been very excited about teaching my dog new things, so everything he knows is like me playing around with him, but Mads wasn’t too into that I guess with Emma, so we shall start now. And dogs CAN learn even if they are old. Mine did, he was like 5 when i taught him “roll over”. So we can teach Emma too! : ) She is even younger.

So yeah. We’ll become doers. And we be making Italian bread too. I’ll test out a couple different recipes and then I’ll tell you ALL about my Italian bread experience.

Now I have to go clean up my room.

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