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Mads is here!

15 Aug

Oh yeah, I got my way again : P

Kidding, but he is here, and he had dinner with us, and Unni and Hans, and it was all nice, and it is so hot outside! Gah, even just eating dinner outside seemed too hot. And this is Norway I’m talking about here. Oh well.

Wasn’t going to write a whole lot, just .. you know. Something.

Aww don’t we look nice.


Cleaning, relaxing, DEXTER!

16 Jun

I am so going to spend the next hour of this day chilling out. I made dinner after my brother ( he only managed to make a very tiny little bit that would not feed all three of us) and I cleaned up after dinner, vacuumed downstairs as well as upstairs, with the help of Mads luckily, and now we are both tired and going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing, playing FB games, blogging and eating chips. We have to walk the dogs at some point today, but that can wait a little bit.
I managed to get a picture of Dexter a little while ago while he was sleeping on Mads’ lap:

Isn’t he adorable? We have fallen completely in love with him…

When my dog Miro starts barking outside, Dexter comes running barking like crazy without knowing what’s so interesting. It’s pretty funny.

Mads is here! : D

16 Jun

So we had a little photo shoot! Mads doesn’t like photo shoots.

But they turned out quite nice! He even smiled! : )

We’re sitting outside on the balcony with blankets enjoying the nice, yet cold weather. And pondering what to have for dinner. Anyone got any  great, delicious dinner ideas? That, by the way, should be easy to make by two teenagers who .. haven’t really made that much food before..

My day so far + pics!

14 Jun

Alright so dinner today consisted of beef, potatoes, and cabbage. And soda. It was delicious, but sadly I didn’t think about taking a picture of it. We hid a little bit of meat around the garden for the dogs to find, which is always great fun, because the one dog searches and searches like crazy and can step on a piece of meat without noticing, and the other one doesn’t understand anything.

Anyway, I’m home again now, to my beloved dogs. Though I miss my friend, Mads. ( http://corruptedsilence.wordpress.com/ ). I’m home alone with my brother and dogs and having a pretty chill time, playing facebook games and reading a magazine. Have to walk the dogs soon though. Oh! I can take some pics then, so you can see some pics, must be real boring reading only text.

But I have my own computer now and I uploaded a few pics:

The beach by my house

Fun photo shoot with two great friends

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