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Unusual Day with Dignity as the Topic

27 Sep

Haakon magnus

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I am so terribly sorry that I haven’t posted ANYTHING the past like forever, and again, I have no excuse, but it’s been a little crazy with homework, and for some reasons, all teachers decides to have big papers and tests and everything crammed into the last week before spring break. Except today were a history test that was postponed until the FIRST day after the break. Which is pretty stupid, but okay. Now the REASON that the test was postponed was because today was a very special occasion for our school. The Crown-Prince of Norway came to visit us. Global Dignity Day, ever heard of that? I’m not too good at explaining it, but it is a good cause. And today was Global Dignity Day at our school. The official day is the 20th of October. Check it out : P

Anyway so he came to our school to talk about Global Dignity. So the security and the “perfectness” of it all was crazy, it was kinda annoying. And first, there was the police cop, and then the BMW SUV, and then the Lexus, and it was like this. We all had our seats in the auditorium, we were to be there by 11.30. Then 11.50 the Prince would arrive. 11.59, 59! it’s not like 12 or 11.58, no, its 11.59, no sooner, no later, the Prince was to enter the room. At exactly 12 o’clock the principal was holding a speech, and exactly 12.02 the Prince himself was speaking. Freaky. And then we all went to our classrooms and talked about what “Dignity” means, and then we were all going to tell a dignity story in little groups, and then for our class, and then two people were elected to tell their story for the whole 12th grade and the Crown Prince.

I would like to telly my dignity story though, because I think it was a really good example, and I was asked to present it for the Prince, but I didn’t want to stand in front of an additional 200 people +. So I refused. But I would like to tell it to you all, whoever wants to read it.

In the 9th grade, I moved to America with my family, to DC. In the school I went to there were a lot of people compared to what I was used to, about 2000 I think. I was alone a lot, everyone kind of already had their friends you know, and in DC, people will come and go quite often because of the embassy, so there were a lot of new kids, and I would see them sit and eat their lunch in the bathrooms and stuff, and me I too ate alone, I found a hallway or something where there were no one else and i sat and ate mu lunch, and I just felt so small, and I hated it. One lunch though, I went to my classroom, still with my map trying to navigate the school, and I didn’t dare going anywhere for fear that I would be lost and late for class. I see a girl sitting there, but she didn’t seem too bad, so I just sat down a couple of feet away from her. I take out my lunch and start eating, and she says to me “You alone too?” in a spanish accent. I nod. “Yeah, I know what you feel” she says, “I don’t have a lot of friends too. Come over here, you can sit with me, is ok” she said, and so I scooted over. We started talking and she told me that I could sith with her on her group in art class, and she introduced me to the other people there, and they ended up becoming quite important to me, and quite close friends. I am forever thankful for this girl, she gave me dignity, and she made me feel like I was worth something, and that  I too could belong in that multicultural melting pot.

I heard a lot of these stories, and some really gave me goosebumps.

I would like to read other people’s dignity stories, if anyone are interested in sharing. Personal, or not, it won’t be used against you, and it is only to see that there are a lot of very simple things that can make another person’s day. And most of all, we find them best in the very small every-day things. Feel free to tell a story. Help others, teach others the value of dignity. I’ve started, and now it’s your turn to continue. If you write a post about it, or have another website related to this topic, feel free to add the link.

Have a great day or night everyone! Spread the importance of dignity! I’ll be back shortly! Ü


Were people happier before?

26 Aug

Many people discuss whether people lived happier lives 100 years ago, 5000 years ago, 10 000 years ago. Were they happier than us? Did they live more valuable lives? Some people would say they did, some would say they didn’t. What do you think? Do you think that 5000 years ago, when people ran around in clothes made from animal skin trying to find food to last throughout the winter, fighting dangers, almost freezing to death, working hard, and had next to nothing, do you think they lived better lives? Do you think, 100 years ago, when they lived in tiny appartments consisting on a kitchen and a bedroom, all shared between one or two families or 4+ people, and worked in factories and coal mines from early dawn to late at night, who could barely afford food, do you think they lived better lives? Do you think our lives are better now, that we have all these things to make us comfortable, like computers, work, lots of money, free education, make-up, clothes, jewelry, nice cars, big houses and shoes filling a whole closet? I know that not everyone have this much money, I’m probably exaggerating, but most people now do have a very comfortable life. At least in the modernized countries.

I have a theory, I have concluded for myself, that I think that people before had a better life. Not 100 years back, but 5000. I think it was harder physically, but so much easier mentally. With little worries and less.. things. I think they were able to appreciate the little things a lot more than you and I do. And you STILL find people living like they did 5000 years ago. Do you think that is a coincidence? Why haven’t they fallowed? There’s probably a reason don’t you think?

But this is only my opinion, as is for now. It can change, and I would also love to hear what you think. Comment! : )

(I wrote this yesterday actually, and a lot more than what is here, and probably better explained, but then I got an error message saying something about auto save not working and then it was all deleted, I can’t find it anywhere, not even in my drafts, and I was rather annoyed, so I wrote a shorter version, and I may or may not have been able to say what I was going to clearly. I appologize for that.) But please comment anyway, and tell me your opinion! There are no real right or wrongs, so just say your opinions! <3

How come ants don’t get hurt when they fall?

22 Aug


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You know what I just thought of? Ants. I really don’t mind them until they are on me, or close to me (I can’t even work in the garden because of all the ants). Mom had been out in the yard picking blueberries from the bushes and brought them in, and along with them, ants. I spot 3, and freak out, but I did remain calm for once. I ignore them, pretend they aren’t there, and suddenly I couldn’t see them. Good and bad I guess. But then one was back, and I’m still calm, but it crawled over to my computer, and I didn’t want it on my computer so I banged the table to scare it away and it goes away a little, but it won’t leave completely you know, so I want to wave it off the table. I wouldn’t kill it, I never kill them, but I don’t want them near me either, and I didn’t want to touch it, so I used something else to just like wave it off the table and it lands on the floor and keeps walking. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! It’s this tiny little ant, and the fall was like 1000 times his size, how can he still walk unharmed?! I just thought about it. It amazes me. I don’t know how, but it’s pretty cool. Wish I could do that..

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