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Unusual Day with Dignity as the Topic

27 Sep

Haakon magnus

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I am so terribly sorry that I haven’t posted ANYTHING the past like forever, and again, I have no excuse, but it’s been a little crazy with homework, and for some reasons, all teachers decides to have big papers and tests and everything crammed into the last week before spring break. Except today were a history test that was postponed until the FIRST day after the break. Which is pretty stupid, but okay. Now the REASON that the test was postponed was because today was a very special occasion for our school. The Crown-Prince of Norway came to visit us. Global Dignity Day, ever heard of that? I’m not too good at explaining it, but it is a good cause. And today was Global Dignity Day at our school. The official day is the 20th of October. Check it out : P

Anyway so he came to our school to talk about Global Dignity. So the security and the “perfectness” of it all was crazy, it was kinda annoying. And first, there was the police cop, and then the BMW SUV, and then the Lexus, and it was like this. We all had our seats in the auditorium, we were to be there by 11.30. Then 11.50 the Prince would arrive. 11.59, 59! it’s not like 12 or 11.58, no, its 11.59, no sooner, no later, the Prince was to enter the room. At exactly 12 o’clock the principal was holding a speech, and exactly 12.02 the Prince himself was speaking. Freaky. And then we all went to our classrooms and talked about what “Dignity” means, and then we were all going to tell a dignity story in little groups, and then for our class, and then two people were elected to tell their story for the whole 12th grade and the Crown Prince.

I would like to telly my dignity story though, because I think it was a really good example, and I was asked to present it for the Prince, but I didn’t want to stand in front of an additional 200 people +. So I refused. But I would like to tell it to you all, whoever wants to read it.

In the 9th grade, I moved to America with my family, to DC. In the school I went to there were a lot of people compared to what I was used to, about 2000 I think. I was alone a lot, everyone kind of already had their friends you know, and in DC, people will come and go quite often because of the embassy, so there were a lot of new kids, and I would see them sit and eat their lunch in the bathrooms and stuff, and me I too ate alone, I found a hallway or something where there were no one else and i sat and ate mu lunch, and I just felt so small, and I hated it. One lunch though, I went to my classroom, still with my map trying to navigate the school, and I didn’t dare going anywhere for fear that I would be lost and late for class. I see a girl sitting there, but she didn’t seem too bad, so I just sat down a couple of feet away from her. I take out my lunch and start eating, and she says to me “You alone too?” in a spanish accent. I nod. “Yeah, I know what you feel” she says, “I don’t have a lot of friends too. Come over here, you can sit with me, is ok” she said, and so I scooted over. We started talking and she told me that I could sith with her on her group in art class, and she introduced me to the other people there, and they ended up becoming quite important to me, and quite close friends. I am forever thankful for this girl, she gave me dignity, and she made me feel like I was worth something, and that  I too could belong in that multicultural melting pot.

I heard a lot of these stories, and some really gave me goosebumps.

I would like to read other people’s dignity stories, if anyone are interested in sharing. Personal, or not, it won’t be used against you, and it is only to see that there are a lot of very simple things that can make another person’s day. And most of all, we find them best in the very small every-day things. Feel free to tell a story. Help others, teach others the value of dignity. I’ve started, and now it’s your turn to continue. If you write a post about it, or have another website related to this topic, feel free to add the link.

Have a great day or night everyone! Spread the importance of dignity! I’ll be back shortly! Ü


Nordic Mythology School Play

15 Sep

"Thor" (1901) by Johannes Gehrts. Th...

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Exactly one week ago we were handed a three-page booklet in Norwegian class. It was a play, from Nordic Mythology, that we had to act out, in a group of five. One was to introduce the play. The second one was the main character, Tor, who lost his hammer. Third was Loke, who was helping Tor getting it back from the bad guys. Forth is Frøya (Freya), the poor girl who had to marry the thief to get Tor’s hammer back. Lastly, it was the troll and thief, Trym. Fair enough, right? However, here is the division of lines to speak:


Frøya: 3%

Trym: 5%

Loke: 40%

Tor: 50% (Image: Tor)

When our little group (of four, not 5 actually, we were missing one) were deciding upon who’s to be who, I said “I can be anything BUT Tor.” Everyone went “aww” and kinda sunk down in their chairs, and so I had no other choice but to be Tor. Now, here is my problem. Tor is manly, macho, big, strong, and angry. Furious you may say. Me, I’m the complete opposite. I’m not very big, certainly not macho, certainly not strong, and I rarely get angry, if this had happened to be, I’d be more freaking out. And when I DO get angry, my voice becomes even higher pitch, and I smile. (Which never gives me a benefit because no one ever takes me seriously because, hey she’s smiling). Think I got a problem? Me too. So the play is today, we had a whole total of ONE SINGLE CLASS PERIOD to practice this, we are supposed to know everything by heart, and be all like them. I have great costumes, I’ll really look like a guy, I’ll do make-up for beard and all. But, I’ll have serious problems acting it out. I hope I can make up for that with my great costume!

So the play is about Tor, who has this hammer thingie, called Mjølner. This is what makes him powerful, and keeps the trolls away. The troll king, Trym, steals it away from him while he sleeps. When Tor wakes up, he can’t find his hammer, and immediately blames Loke because Loke has mixed blood with the trolls and the gods. So he is not trusted completely always. Loke comes running after Tor calls on him, and obviously doesn’t know what Tor is talking about, but eventually get’s the hang of it – that the hammer’s gone, and he says there are only one type of people who would do such a thing. And so they agree that Loke will fly (using Freya’s falconer costume) to the trolls and see what’s going on. He comes back with the news that Trym indeed did steal Mjølner, and he hid her away miles and miles down into the earth, and Tor won’t get it back until he brings him Freya to marry. Freya, of course, doesn’t want to marry Trym, so Tor dresses out like Freya, and when Trym gives “Freya” back the hammer, “she” takes off her bridal costume and kills Trym with the hammer. Pretty simple, a very known story from the Norse mythology.

Wish me luck! I’ll try to get some pics for you : ) Can’t promise anything though !

So now I don’t really have a class, so I’m just blogging, preparing for the play next class. I should probably get dressed at some point soon as well. Do the make-up and all. I have no idea how to do the beard, but I’m going to use eyeliner and hope it works. Better than marker at least, so I can get it away afterwards : )

See you!

My brother’s Birthday Party!

12 Sep

And Mads is here! And he is all dressed up in his suit and we took pictures!

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I’ll see if I can have Mads take pictures of the cakes and stuff, and I’ll post another post : )

Gotta go be “social” now : P

Mads is here!

1 Sep

Full wool Merino sheep.

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We walked doggie in the woods, and we went to the place where all the sheep are, and it was just a funny moment. I held out a pice of grass and one of the sheep spotted me, and so walked slowly towards me. His fellow sheep then saw me as well, and he followed the first sheep. And then sheep number 3 and 4 also peaked up from behind the hill and they all slowly came towards us, with clear expressions saying “Eh? What’s going on? We must figure this out. This must be some kind of aliens” And they were SO sceptical, and I just stood there with my little leaf in my hand, and they came slowly towards me, stopped, turned to one another as if to say “..should we?” and then continued on. A few meters away from me they all stopped, sheep 1, sheep 2, sheep 3 and sheep 4 all on a line with one in front and the other 3 just right behind him. I had to work not to laugh and just be standing still. Eventually one came over to have my little leaf though :) It was nice going for such a long walk in the woods. The weather is kind of chilly, but not cold, and the air was really fresh. It smelled of cold and forest. It was all quiet and stuff.

Anyway, we took a couple of fun pictures. Now, it’s just from my webcam, using all those fun effects that comes on the PhotoBooth on the macbook. But we had so much fun, and there are so many crazy pictures. I hope our fun times came thru in the photos.

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And we also found the video feature! Lol.

Right, well I couldn’t upload that one..

Speaking of photos, when my dad is back from work this weekend, WITH the DSLR, I am SO going to bring it with me wherever I go and take tons of pictures and really develop my photography skills. I get weekly newsletters by email from DPS, and I am going to use them. I am going to become GOOD. And I am also going to learn to edit them. If you have any tips or tricks on that, btw, please let me know. Remember that I’m a beginner though, so beginner tips would be nice.

Here is the song that we were just listening too!

Breaking Benjamin – Evil Angel

I don’t know if that worked, but yeah.

Have a nice evening!

The Grand Italian Bread #1 Report

16 Aug

So we just had dinner. Guess what it was. Yeah, the Italian bread. The fresh, warm, Italian bread. We ate it with butter and cheese, and also we dipped some bread in olive oil. It was really good, the bread itself was soft and nice, though a little compact. The crust was crispy and hard, just the way it’s supposed to be. I have not tried other recipes yet, but this one is pretty good. Just don’t make my mistakes. I can only tell you the recipe and the instructions, I can’t tell you do do it right. I can only tell you what NOT to do.


3 dl water

a little yeast

400 gr wheat flour

150 gr durum wheat flour ( I just used regular)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

a little olive oil

So what you do first, is to make sure you don’t use too much yeast. This is important. About 5 grams should be enough, and you dissolve the yeast in luke water. Mix together the flour, sugar and then you mix in the water-yeast solution and add about a table spoon of olive oil and you mix this well. Store in the fridge and let it rise for 12-16 hours. Yeah, it’s a long time, I know, and it’s probably best to be patient and let it rise for the full 16 hours. Or at least close. And, do leave it in the fridge. I didn’t. It was stupid. In the meantime during those 16 hours I recommend calling a friend and having a sleepover. : P Now, once it’s done rising, put it in a cold oven and set it to 200 degrees Celcius for 20 minutes. Then turn the heat down to 180 C, and finish baking your Italian bread at that temperature for another 25 minutes. Take it out of the oven, let it cool for about 10 minutes, and enjoy!

Tip! If the dough gets really dry and it seems like there is way too much flour, just add some water. This might seem like a simple solution, but I have always added flour because my dough was too sticky, added water because I added too MUCH flour, and it was just a slippery slope. So don’t add TOO much water (or extra flour by those means). But sometimes the flour is dryer or older and stuff, so this will also affect your dough, so a few adjustments are probably good.

I found the recipe here. It’s in Danish though.

Honey-Olive oil-and-sugar scrub

16 Aug

Remember how I told you I made this scrub yesterday? Well, I’m going to tell you what I think of it. First of all, I got the recipe from surfing around on youtube looking for make-up tutorials when I found some movies from a girl I liked pretty well; Rice Bunny. I continued watching her videos, and she had one on dry skin. Well, my skin is rather dry, and nothing seems to work all that well. Which was her exact problem too, it turns out, from watching the movie. She filmed herself making it, and listed all the ingredients.
All you need is:
3 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
2 tbs of organic honey
1/2 cup of sugar (No splenda!)
You mix them all together and WA-LA you have your facial scrub. Use at night, once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. For a more detailed description of this, here is Michelle Phan’s, also known as Rice Bunny, youtube video upload:

Well, my review of this home made scrub. It doesn’t particularly look, nor smell really great. It smells kind of like a mix between Olive oil and honey. Not too surprising. The smell isn’t all too strong though, but it’s there. Um, also, try and use honey that you can actually pour into the tablespoons, because mine was not liquid enough, and it made the whole thing just a little bit too sticky, in my opinion. Now, I have super sensitive skin, but I found that this home made scrub worked quite nicely. It was a little sore when I scrubbed my face, but I think parts of it was because of the sticky honey, but it did not hurt anything afterwards, once I rinsed off. Nothing. Which, previously, with normal soaps, it stings and burns a little. I have been using Proactive for the longest time, but I had to switch to the gentle formula because the regular one was too strong. And because of this sticky sticky honey you would think it would be hard to rinse off right? I have to admit I was rather skeptical when I was going to try this, but it was not at all difficult to remove. I splashed my face with water a couple times to rinse off the worst of it and all the sugar and stuff, and then I wetted a cloth to just get the extra stuff that would happen to be left (though I don’t think there was anything). Afterwards, my skin did smell a little like homey, but for those of you who can’t stand that smell, it disappears overnight, the little there might have been. But it leaves your skin feeling nice and refreshed and so smooth. It works for oily skin too, and the Olive oil won’t clog your pores, because the molecules in the oil are too big to clog your pores. So there you go. If you ever try this, tell me what you think!

Edit: I don’t know why the video won’t show up, so I liked to it right here.

Kitchen fun with Mads and Mari! Way! lol..

15 Aug

Mads and I just baked our first Italian bread today. Well first, we decided to make the honey-olive oil-and-sugar scrub, which turned out to be not quite what I expected. I think the honey we used was too little.. runny? If that is possible, and the oil kind of just, you know, would’t mix. I haven’t actually tested it yet, thought to do it tonight. And I’ll let you know tomorrow how that worked. After that, we decided to make the Italian bread. After all, we had all the ingredients, and Mads was going to spend the night. The dough has to rise for about 12-16 hours so we figured it would be nice to o over night. So the dough is set, and I shall review it tomorrow after we have eaten it, as well as post the recipe (which btw will be in the metric scale and in Celcius, not Farenheight).

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