About the fine-ass girl who writes it all

This girl goes by the name “Little Kittie” or just “Kittie”. She is 17 years old, and enjoys life in Norway. This blog is about the adventures of her life, her thoughts – as weird as they may be – tips, tricks, and other stuff she thinks you all should have a look into. There will be occasional reviews (of books, movies, products and stuff), and maybe she will step up and do some “how-to”s or video blogs. If she dares. This blog is for you to read who want to check in on someone elses life than your own, for those who know me and don’t see me every day of the week, or those who just find this life or this girl interesting.

This girl loves having fun and doing crazy things. She may appear childish. And she may ramble about an adventure that she really enjoyed. You may however, not always be able to see pictures, because she doesn’t remember to bring her camera everywhere she goes, but then again, who does? We all leave our cameras somewhere else when we need them the most, right?

Welcome to the blog of The Little Kittie, and enjoy your time!


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