Darkroom equipment and seeexey shoes

5 Apr

I woke up, tired as usual, jumped in the shower, did my make-up and jumped into some comfy sweats and a tee, and headed off to school. Day starts off with the usual 3 hours of social studies followed by English. Lunch goes by with our little gang occupying the hallway making a funnier sitcom than any other. So a pretty normal day. Until about 11.50. That’s when my day turned around for the first time. This man comes over to us and asks for the photography teachers. Sorry, they’re out of the country, currently in Spain. What a shame :(. He goes on asking if this school has darkroom equipment? We’re pretty sure. Well I have an old set of darkroom equipment I’m going to throw away… he manages to say before he is interrupted, by the proud me, asking whether he is willing to donate privately. And that is how I ended up with darkroom equipment now stored in my garage until further notice. So what happened after he unofficial handed his crap over to me was, lets see, a 5 or 6 of us came with him to his car to grab the stuff (I thought it would be one cardboard box and that’s it, but I was mistaken). Five or six crazy kids come rolling back to our little camp out place in the hallway now carrying loads of heavy plastic bags and the likes full of dark room equipment. There were not that many people helping me carry it to my next class. Where, btw, the stuff ended up cluttering the entire front part of the room, and there were not that many people helping me drag it down the stairs and into mum’s car either. It was essentially only me. But all credit to the lovely Toby who volunteered to help me carry it down stairs.

Now the problem is, what do I do with it? I haven’t ever even seen a darkroom before in person, I don’t even own a camera with the film thing .. I don’t have a dark room. How do I set it up? What am I supposed to do with old darkroom equipment? Of course, I didn’t tell the man this, hehe. But what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just let him trash it.

Anyway, and the second turn of the day was during that last class period where I cluttered the whole room. We were supposed to work, my friend Franchesca spoiled it all. She showed me this website, and girls, sit down. Wholesale-dress.net. There are GORGEOUS dresses and shoes and everything else for under 5 bucks!! These clothes and shoes should be at LEAST 10 dollars, but they’re not! Well, obviously some are more expensive, but girls, this is the place to go shopping. They have men and kids too, though, and jewelry and stuff. Just check it out.

I have been surfing for hours on the women’s dresses category only at first, and I was only able to look through 500 of 21 thousand. I thought I’d get through them all, but I got impatient, I wanted to look at the shoes.

And then it was there.

The new love of my life.

The sexiest shoes in the world!

Wanna see?

If I was a gay guy (I’m not saying I have anything against gay people, I love them, in fact I keep thinking I should have a gay boyfriend who could actually give a feedback on what I decide to wear or something, but obviously that wouldn’t work) I would scream the way you’d think gay people would scream when they saw something as sexy as this fashion wise. Actually, I did. But it was inside my head so it doesn’t matter.

I went crazy over these shoes. And then came the biggest disappointment – they were out of stock. NOOOOOOOO

But I swear, as soon as those shoes are restocked (and I will be checking every single day), I will buy them. Two pairs maybe even. And then I’ll wear them like all the time. Or maybe I should make them special and wear them only on extremely special events. No, I know how I’ll do this, I’ll wear the one pair all the time, and the other pair will be for special occasions. Yes, that’s how I’ll do it : )

So do check out the website! They got loads of cheap stuff, if you start looking you’ll know what I mean. You’ll be blown away by the amazing cheapness, and you’ll never be able to stop!

Edit: this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I had some trouble with WordPress..


One Response to “Darkroom equipment and seeexey shoes”

  1. Little Kittie April 5, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    Btw, if anyone has great knowlegde about darkroom equipment and want to help me, please leave a comment! :)

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