Halloween – or..?

1 Nov

When I woke up on Sunday, this was my plan:

  • Get up at 9.30
  • Shower, makeup, hair, get dressed
  • Breakfast
  • Clean my makeup brushes
  • Leave 11.30 to go to skating and meet Mads and Chesca there
  • Stretch
  • Go to Mads’s grandpatents’ house and have dinner
  • Go back to my place with Mads and dress up for Halloween
  • Say hi to all the little kids coming for a treat
  • Go to bed when the kids had stopped ringing the doorbell

When yesterday was over, this is how it went:

  • Got up at 8.30
  • Shower, makeup, clothes
  • Breakfast
  • Get ready to leave thinking “Oh well I didn’t have the time to clean my brushes after all because my makeup took too long, I’ll do it some other time”
  • Realize that we had switched time an hour back, so I had an extra hour
  • Clean my brushes
  • Work
  • Go to skating, pay and put on my skates before noon and go out skating waiting for my friends
  • Friends aren’t coming
  • Mads arrives finally
  • Waiting for Chesca
  • Call Chesca
  • Chesca can’t figure out where the rink is
  • Mads and I have to go, so we don’t see Chesca
  • I stretch for what seems like forever, but I actually got a result this time without being sore the day after ^^
  • Dinner goes as planned, but then when we get back home, all the kids have already BEEN there, so I don’t bother dressing up as that ninja I was planning to..

I was quite bummed. I’d been looking forward to that. Oh well. We did go to bed early though. And watched Jeff Dunham’s “Spark of Insanity”


How was your Halloween?


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