Skating Season

30 Oct
Kim Yu-Na performs a spiral during her exhibit...

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Now that the skating season is back, I have been quite busy, which is why I haven’t been blogging. But at least I post an update every now and then. Anyway, I love this time of year. It’s so amazing to have skates back on my feet. I skate 3 times a week with a coach, and then on Sundays from 12 – 3pm the rink is open for the public, so I skate then too. I try to bring my friends also. So my week goes like this:

Monday, I chill at home, maybe work out a little, do some homework (unfortunately school comes in my way of doing better things, oh well).
Tuesday I try to stay calm all day, knowing I have practice at night. I have a short day at school, I start late and get off early, yet it seems like the longest day ever. I usually go to work on Tuesdays, so I do what I’m supposed too, always looking to see what time it is and how much longer it is until my practice. Then practice FINALLY comes, and 45 minutes later (short practice, I know!) I get off the ice and try to stretch, but mostly mom is already there to pick me up.

Wednesdays and Tuesdays are endless. Those two days of skating are two days too much. And by this time, I know I wont be back on ice until Friday, so I think of skating, I watch Yu Na Kim, Midori Ito and others skate in the Olympics and stuff, and try to learn ways to stretch and work out at home. And also I start planning the Sunday, and ask people to come and stuff. Which causes sleepless nights until Sunday.

Friday is skating practice again, this time it’s easier to make time pass. School day is long, 8-3.30, then I come home 4.15 – 4.30 and then it’s practice at 6.45. A little easier to get over.

Saturday I get up 8.30 and leave for practice at 9.15am. It’s early, but SO worth it. Of course the practice is again way too short. And then it’s over 24 hours until my so beloved Sunday with my friends.

Sunday I just wake up by myself, which is normally around 9.30. Still an eternity until noon. I get dressed and eat breakfast and then I wait around impatiently until 11.30. It only takes 10 minutes to get there but I am going to be the first on ice, so I am there early and so won’t miss a second : P

It’s quite fun. As you can tell, I’m sort of obsessed. But it’s such a wonderful feeling! It’s like flying, it really is. You are just gliding across the ice (until you make a mistake and lose your balance and then you lie there awkwardly). Every time before practice my heart starts racing, and skipping beats. It’s that exact feeling you get when you are so in love and you are going to meet your boyfriend at a restaurant or something – minus all the hours in the bathroom putting on makeup, doing your hair, and trying to figure out what you’re gonna wear. And I literally have trouble sleeping because I’m just so excited about getting back on the ice. I should really have my own skating rink. I’d not ever be on the computer. Whenever I had extra time, I’d be out there, no kidding. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I have regular figure skating training, with a couple of others (no private coach just yet… ) on Tuesday and Friday, and then I have um.. Formation skating on Saturdays, you know where they skate in groups, kind of like synchronized swimming, only on ice. :P

It’s awesome. I think of it, I talk about it, I watch it, and now I write about it. I might start a separate figure skating blogs. And I’m going to be in the Olympics 2014 guys, so look carefully for me! :P

After all, “Shoot for the moon, cause even if you fail you’ll land amongst the stars”. I know I started too late. But I can skate as if I were to be in the Olympics right? ^^

If anyone has anything to say about figure skating – LET ME KNOW! Comment here, if you have anything to say. And btw guys, it’s NOT a girly sport at all. You really have to be tough. You know when you see the hockey people, full of padding just racing around the rink at super high speed after a puck. Then you take figure skating in tiny dresses with absolutely no protection at all, doing tricks, jumping AND spinning at the same time, doing spins in different positions, or being lifted by a parter – honestly, what’s tougher? :P

Do you skate?

Just a tiny example that figure skating can be quite tough..


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