Nordic Mythology School Play

15 Sep
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Exactly one week ago we were handed a three-page booklet in Norwegian class. It was a play, from Nordic Mythology, that we had to act out, in a group of five. One was to introduce the play. The second one was the main character, Tor, who lost his hammer. Third was Loke, who was helping Tor getting it back from the bad guys. Forth is Frøya (Freya), the poor girl who had to marry the thief to get Tor’s hammer back. Lastly, it was the troll and thief, Trym. Fair enough, right? However, here is the division of lines to speak:


Frøya: 3%

Trym: 5%

Loke: 40%

Tor: 50% (Image: Tor)

When our little group (of four, not 5 actually, we were missing one) were deciding upon who’s to be who, I said “I can be anything BUT Tor.” Everyone went “aww” and kinda sunk down in their chairs, and so I had no other choice but to be Tor. Now, here is my problem. Tor is manly, macho, big, strong, and angry. Furious you may say. Me, I’m the complete opposite. I’m not very big, certainly not macho, certainly not strong, and I rarely get angry, if this had happened to be, I’d be more freaking out. And when I DO get angry, my voice becomes even higher pitch, and I smile. (Which never gives me a benefit because no one ever takes me seriously because, hey she’s smiling). Think I got a problem? Me too. So the play is today, we had a whole total of ONE SINGLE CLASS PERIOD to practice this, we are supposed to know everything by heart, and be all like them. I have great costumes, I’ll really look like a guy, I’ll do make-up for beard and all. But, I’ll have serious problems acting it out. I hope I can make up for that with my great costume!

So the play is about Tor, who has this hammer thingie, called Mjølner. This is what makes him powerful, and keeps the trolls away. The troll king, Trym, steals it away from him while he sleeps. When Tor wakes up, he can’t find his hammer, and immediately blames Loke because Loke has mixed blood with the trolls and the gods. So he is not trusted completely always. Loke comes running after Tor calls on him, and obviously doesn’t know what Tor is talking about, but eventually get’s the hang of it – that the hammer’s gone, and he says there are only one type of people who would do such a thing. And so they agree that Loke will fly (using Freya’s falconer costume) to the trolls and see what’s going on. He comes back with the news that Trym indeed did steal Mjølner, and he hid her away miles and miles down into the earth, and Tor won’t get it back until he brings him Freya to marry. Freya, of course, doesn’t want to marry Trym, so Tor dresses out like Freya, and when Trym gives “Freya” back the hammer, “she” takes off her bridal costume and kills Trym with the hammer. Pretty simple, a very known story from the Norse mythology.

Wish me luck! I’ll try to get some pics for you : ) Can’t promise anything though !

So now I don’t really have a class, so I’m just blogging, preparing for the play next class. I should probably get dressed at some point soon as well. Do the make-up and all. I have no idea how to do the beard, but I’m going to use eyeliner and hope it works. Better than marker at least, so I can get it away afterwards : )

See you!


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