Interesting couple of days ahead

10 Sep

Yes quite. We’ll be having a play in Norwegian class, and we got exactly two class periods to work on it. And then we have two class periods less to work on a book we are to read. Friday is some sort of activity day, and so we will be outside on this beach I think, and I’ll be spending the night with Mads because it’s right by his house and he knows where it is, and so I can get there : P Also this Friday, i have an appointment, and my dad is coming home, and it’s my brother’s birthday and he will be having kids over, Saturday mom is working at the art studio thing connected to an art gallery so she is making art while selling it kinda, and I am gonna go with her. Sunday is my brother’s birthday party for family. And doctors appointment is coming up, and I need a hair cut. Badly.

Anyway, Mads is here!! And we are learning how to write blogs. I’d post the emails we get, but it’s in Norwegian. And we also look for ways to advertize ourselves. Let’s face it, we need this, we aren’t the best out there you know. But we are learning. And that is what counts right?

Speaking of learning, I spent my free periods in school today looking at various hair-do tutorials and braiding styles. I found a website that is actually really good. Tons of different hairstyles, well explained, with videos. Click here for the link.


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