Back to Civilisation

22 Aug

So the reason for me not blogging anymore since my last post, and not about the philosophical thing I was talking about was that Mads came over to my house Friday night and spent the night with me and then next morning we drove up to our little cottage and spent the night there (without Mads for once). my Aunt Eva and my little cousin Frida Olette were there and my grandparents. It was really nice, 14 C in the water, FO jumped in while I watched, played Settlers at night with a grandma who didn’t understand anything, I don’t think I laughed so much in quite some time. FO got a little upset after she went to bed though, I think her throat was hurting and stuff so she woke up a couple times. We ate Mozart chocolate ball thingies, and drank soda and water till there was nothing left, and grandpa read the paper in the couch. We played a 4 people game with 5 people, turned out quite interesting. And it took forever! My aunt had also brought 2 books on knitting and 1 on crochet and then she taught me how to crochet a kitchen clout. I’m halfway actually : )
But now, we are finally back to civilization. I had left my phone, there is TV but it’s not working quite right, and there is no internet up there. But it was fun and it’s worth it. I love it up there, it’s like up in the mountains : )
So yeah. That was my weekend. How was yours?


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