First two legit classes of the first legit school day

20 Aug
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Okay so there was only one legit class. We started off with English (an elective btw, so stupid), but the whole period went away to the different groups (A, B, C, and D) running down to the library getting their books, one by one. So no English. And then we had History and Philosophy, which, I would like to talk about later, because it was quite interesting, and, I have some thoughts to share, and I also hope to get some shared thoughts back. So please comment on that one. I think I’ll post it when I come home because here I don’t have the quietness to think. 

Anyway, we have an hour of lunch now, it’s the third day of school and people are already running here and there to fix what should already have been fixed, such as computers that don’t work, missing books, assigned classes that runs on the same times, missing classes, full classes, and of course, finding our way around this school. And none of us have really gotten into it all yet; no one has notebooks, no one has pens or pencils, calculators. Lol. We all sound so productive don’t we, the students and personnel and all right? Oh well. It’s always like this the first week of school. Next week there is only bus card things to get sorted out. Some of us that live far away get free bus rides to and from school, and I am one of them. 

So anyway, this is all for now. Lunch is forever long, and I already ate my food. Now I will go with Mads to get his food. Sigh. 


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