What do you do when your courses clash?

18 Aug

So that is what happened to me. First day of school, meet up in the classroom I am assigned, and we are all handed out or classes and a schedule. We check our courses to see where they are on our schedule and I find that two of my courses clash. They are at the exact same time, AND there is no way this can be fixed. What do I do? It took me somewhere between 3 and 4 hours to figure out that I would go home and think about what to do. Well, at home I realize I have only two options. 1, do difficult math and have this history and philosophy class, or do easy math and the history and philosophy class. Easy math means that I have 2 blocks less during the week.. which is tempting.. But I think that I should go with difficult math, unless it becomes too difficult. After all, I should have good grades. I don’t know what to do. Help me Mads!


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