What will this world come to?!

17 Aug

I just got the saddest phone call of my life.. Okay, maybe that is an overstatement, but it sure wasn’t nice! Mads called me after a visit to our school and said that the lists of the classes were up and.. sadly, we were not in the same class. Mads is in class with another one from our class last year that we hung out with, and as far as I know, I’m not in class with anyone that we used to hang out with. I am really bummed, and so is Mads. I can only cross my fingers that at least Tonje is in my class. This really sucks… I really hope there is a way to change this, because I hate, beyond belief, to constantly be put into different situations where I know absolutely no one. If I at least had Tonje or Mads. Oviously Mads is at the top of the list being my best friend. Ah, this really sucked. If we go in there early tomorrow morning maybe we can change it, I don’t know. I could even be in class with a couple of the people that we didn’t get along with too well, if I just were in class with Mads.

Alright enough of my complaining.

I have a new thing for eggs. I mean, I have always liked eggs, some periods more than others, but now I’m just like hooked. A slice of whole grain bread with a little mayonnaise (as a sub for butter since we ran out) and then hard boiled eggs sliced with a little bit of salt. Yummi!

But I have to run now, Carolina is waiting for me. And she is going to work soon so I better hurry up. See ya! And I’ll upload the pics from Båstad when I come back. I recommend seeing them, it’s gorgeous there.


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