The button for ‘New Account’ is gone!

17 Aug

Graboid’s ‘New Account’ button seemed to just disappear. How is this possible? I am in a little bit of sticky mud because today is the 3rd episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 6, and I have not seen the first two. I searched youtube and google for potential places where I could see this video, but I didn’t find anything. One place though, there was a button “download this movie” and it was the first episode of season 6. So I clicked it, and instead came to a page where I had to download Graboid for Mac. That’s fine, it was a place where you could download videos, I figured I’d check it out, and there was an instruction on how to do it. So I downloaded it, agreed to the terms of services, and opened it, just as I was told. Now, next step was ” Click ‘New Account’ and create your FREE TRIAL account”, but there IS NO BUTTON for the “New Account”. I can’t find it.

It just looks like so:

I can’t see a “New Account” button. Can you?

I also tried checking the menu things and stuff, but there was no place where it said, and I searched for it in the “Help” function, but with no luck.

Does anyone know what I have to do?


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