Kitchen fun with Mads and Mari! Way! lol..

15 Aug

Mads and I just baked our first Italian bread today. Well first, we decided to make the honey-olive oil-and-sugar scrub, which turned out to be not quite what I expected. I think the honey we used was too little.. runny? If that is possible, and the oil kind of just, you know, would’t mix. I haven’t actually tested it yet, thought to do it tonight. And I’ll let you know tomorrow how that worked. After that, we decided to make the Italian bread. After all, we had all the ingredients, and Mads was going to spend the night. The dough has to rise for about 12-16 hours so we figured it would be nice to o over night. So the dough is set, and I shall review it tomorrow after we have eaten it, as well as post the recipe (which btw will be in the metric scale and in Celcius, not Farenheight).


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