August’s Beauty

15 Aug

Carolina (link in sidebar) paged me on Skype and said she’d be down in 15 minutes. Sure enough she comes down, I put a sweater on, and Mads, Carolina and I all ran down to the beach to watch one of August’s finest details – Noctilucales. Carolina was the only one brave enough to jump into the water – though I so wish that I could have done the same, and the little thingies just lit up all around her and followed her as she swam along, it was amazing! So we figured we’d have to do this more later int he week when I can go swimming too! And she said later in August, there are more of them, and when you walk in the water, you leave a trail of light behind you. I so gotta capture this on camera sometime. I really do. It’s pretty amazing! I was all like “I can’t see anything” and didn’t expect much, but then, it was all there! Blinking lights everywhere the water had been disturbed.
Btw, it would probably make a nice date, pick-nick at night and then go swimming in the light. Just something I thought of.


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