Back home

13 Aug

Ah, it sure is nice being back home. I were on a small vacation with Mads, to his stepfather’s cottage in Sweden, about two hours from Göteborg. And then we went to Båstad. AND I have PICTURES for you all! Can you believe that?! For once, I have pictures. But they are on my camera. Surprised? Didn’t think so. But I got them, and it is the cutest little town EVER, Båstad. I don’t have pictures of the cottage I am afraid, but Mads does, so next time I am at his house (which should be within 3 days, if that, I’m hoping to get over by tomorrow, or the day after), I will steal his photos, and upload them, and he will show me how, since its on his cell. Anyway! You’ll be all like “I wanna go there!” and, as much as I don’t really like Sweden, I love that place, and I am SO going back next year. Sweden has so many cute places.. I’ll probably end up living there.

And I had such a nice time. So it all started with a terrible terrible bus ride of 3 hours from Moss to Göteborg. I had to pee already when I got on the bus, but the toilet on the bus was so tiny and there were so many people that would be looking, I felt weird, so I waited until I was there. And then it was getting off at the right place, and then getting my right luggage, and then finding my right way into the place where Mads and his family would be waiting, which, stupidly enough wasn’t by the buses. So I had to look around. It was horrible! I felt SO uncomfortable. I really don’t want to do that again. But it would be worth it for another week like this. No kidding. I met Mads and his family eventually and it was SO nice seeing him again! I had forgotten how much I love that guy. We walked around Göteborg for a while, went to a bookstore to get Mads a couple books, and then we had a bite to eat. And then we drove back to the cottage. The cottage is the only one on a tiny island out on a freshwater lake. It was so nice there, like woods and all, even a tiny beach. And a floating dock, and a sauna. So that’s how we washed ourselves the first days, and it was nice. The water was rather cold, but it was fine once you got in, and it tasted so clean I wanted to drink it. It was like, so light weight. As if you could hold tons of liters of water and it would barely feel like anything. The cottage itself was not big. Two stories, equipped with a kitchen, a hallway, a livingroom/bedroom, another tiny bedroom, a tiny staircase and a two-in-one bedroom upstairs, in which Mads and I slept. Oh and also a little like terrace with glass walls so it was nice and fresh with air, but not cold.

In Båstad, Mads and I found a little walk that was about an hour and a half to two hours long, and it was a street with old houses, the sea port, and a grocery store we always stopped by either to buy something, or to just use the restroom (since id always be having to go by that time since you know, its been an hour and a half. -.-) and we always ended up buying something anyway.

In Båstad, the reason for going there was to visit Mads’ stepfather’s parents. So the first day, we like settled in our rooms, and got our stuff all packed away, and then Mads and I went out for a walk with doggie and after dinner, him and I went out for a walk, there where I talked about. Next day we all went to another place I forgot the name of, to a like a camping place thing where Mads’ grandparents and there too we went for a nice little walk and guess what we found? Another street of nice cute old houses! Gah i love Sweden. And we went to a restaurant, all of us, and we all, except for the Swede, had some sort of steak. It was nice.

And then back home the next day i got my period, just in time. We were about to go out shipping and running errands and stuff, but I managed staying back home by getting cramps stronger and more painful than ever. Great right? I kinda wanted to go to those stores that they were talking about going to.. And instead what do i get? Tons of painkillers that won’t work and poor Mads comforting a twisting me, alternating cursing and crying. Great. Poor Mads. I feel rather bad, and I had him appologize for me.. So needless to say, that day we stayed home. We watched TV the whole day after I finally got some real strong painkillers. Next day we go for another walk again, after driving around to some art gallery in which i will post another post of later, and stay tuned because this is great!

Today we just packed up and drove home and they all had dinner over at our house. Pizza! yay! It was nice to be able to keep Mads for another couple hours. I’m so not ready to let him go again. I like hanging with that guy. And we have had the nicest week ever. I really liked it, didn’t want it to end, and now I’m bummed it did. And school starts back u on Wednesday I believe. Noooo!

So tomorrow Mads and I are going to go see The Karate Kid just because we wanted to hang out but we figured it shouldn’t be too long and it shouldn’t be at his house since his parents are tired, and they all just want to relax, SO movie it is. Its so expensive, i forgot how expensive it is! I was all like o.O But we want to see the movie nonetheless.

AND mom just came up to me with a new perfume Happy Heart by Clinique. Tester. Love those. Not sure what I think of it yet, but its rather.. weird. Like it feels suffocating, it did last time I tried it at least, so maybe I should just try it on my hands and see if that’s better? The smell is alright I think, so. And I need a new perfume : P

Anyone ever tried Happy Heart? Please tell me what you think if you have. ^^

Now, I am so tired I am almost falling asleep, so errors, spelling and grammar, please forgive. Now I’ll say my goodnights, and I wish everyone sweet sweet dreams.

See ya!


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