Hoover Dam and Venice

5 Aug

Mom and dad were out yesterday at a bar just the two of them and my brother and I were home alone. We thought they’d be home like midnight or something, but they come rolling in half past two. And I stay up another half hour because of this interesting TV show. So, needless to say that we slept in this morning. Eating breakfast at 11-11.30 means it kind of becomes lunch. Anyway, we slowly get ourselves ready for the day and start heading out to Hoover Dam. The trip was supposed to take about half an hour, and it went smoothly until suddenly, stop. Cars upon cars were stacked in a very slowly moving queue all the way down to Hoover Dam, which should have taken about 5-10 minutes without cars. Single filed lane. It was so boring! But anyway, what caused this insane long queue was in fact, some “control”. They didn’t do anything. There was a sign, “ROll DOWN YOUR WINDOWS”, so we did, we drove up to some guy standing there, stopped, and he waved us on, doing absolutely nothing. I didn’t see the point of this, but okay.
Once we came down there we had to figure out how to park. There is a sign there saying parking. Dad drives in and STILL has to ask whether this is the place or not. Probably best anyway though so we wouldn’t get into trouble.

Hoover Dam arranges tours. We knew it would be hot, and we knew we’d probably go on at least one tour. We walk out of the car, and as soon as we do, both my brother and I go “We’re not taking that tour out in this heat”. Eventually mom and dad kind of agreed, but then they seemed to think that maybe the tour was inside after wandering around in the heat for a while.

Oh I hear seagulls! I love hearing them screech! So summery!

Anyway. Dad walks around trying to find a place to buy tours and to ask if they are inside. All of the tours (two i think) were inside. The visitor centre too. So we go on this one tour that was kind of just a repeat of itself 3 times. But it was interesting anyway.

After the tour, we walk around the visitor centre, and ill show pics later (our guide asked if we knew the photography policy and we all went “……uh… no?” and he said “Take all the dam pics you like!” ). We decided to, gah, walk over hoover dam, in like 130 degrees. Okay maybe it was 118 but still! That’s hot! And not the good hot. We also stop by the old visitor center, which, to be honest, wasn’t all that cool. Even mom and dad thought so. I mean, it might have been better when that was the visitor centre before, but now it was only this showcase of where the Colorado River ran and a story of the past like where it is, what happened to it, what its used for. I mean, maybe it would be interesting to some, but we just thought it was boring. The only thing I really learned was that the Colorado River was quite much longer than I thought, and went through more states than I thought.

On our way home we stop by to eat something. I think it was a kind of cool place that we stopped but I cannot remember where. And while we were at it, we stopped by Venice. The hotel. Venetian I think it’s called. It was so cool! Like, there were gondolas – the guys (and girls) even sang! It was 16 dollars for a 10 minute ride, kinda expensive, and sold out. But it was fun watching! The hallways were made into streets (like on most other hotels actually) and the ceiling was painted blue sky. The “houses” on the sides (really shops) were in a Venetian style, and it kind of just made me more sure of that I wanted to go to Venice. They had a masque boutique there. It was gorgeous! No pics allowed, no touching allowed, and they were super expensive, but so so beautiful. If I ever go to Venice I might get one. There were mostly shops in there that were expensive, like Guess by Marchiano, and and.. um.. why can’t I remember any now.. You know just like expensive brands that everyone has heard of but never really seen a product from because its so expensive no one could afford it. And you know, Guess by Marchiano, I just recently learned what that was. I thought it would be like Guess you know, and in a way it kind of is, but there is a tad less clothes on a tad larger area. Ergo – quite a lot more expensive.

And I only now realized that this was a draft I had made, and not a post, hence the seagull comment up there, and obviously, this wasn’t “yesterday”, it was some other day on out vacation, so I just finished writing it.

I really do love those seagulls though. Everyone here gets so annoyed because they wake us up at 5 in the morning, but I love them. They are such a summer necessity and it always puts me in a good mood. So it was valid to include it up there when they were actually singing for me, cause now they kinda stopped. :P I had forgotten all about them!


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