Know what, I’m actually going to start right away

4 Aug

… and just like that, what I had at heart kinda disappeared.. Oh well. I could though, while I’m in the process of writing babble, suggest that you check out Mads’ blog. If you like gaming and roleplaying, this is the place to visit. I kind of don’t understand what he is writing about half the time, but for those who do, please check it out! It’s kinda cool.. when you understand. :P

I’ve realized something though. I get new ideas all the time, like I can never seem to settle with anything. Like, I like to read, and something inspiring is in the book and I get a kick and I decide to completely change my living. Recently, I’ve been reading Jodi Picoult’s Handle With Care. It’s a great book, and as of reading it, I start talking about OI, troublesome lifestyles, and the brightness of this little kid. She says so much .. um.. like.. quotable things. She is so sweet. And i love her. See, that’s another thing. I get emotionally connected to the characters ALWAYS and it’s always right away. So I laugh and I cry on like every page. I realized I’ve said “like” a lot now. .. But anyway, I recommend this book, and I actually recommend all the other books from Jodi Picoult also. I didn’t read all of them, but I read enough to get the fact that she is amazing, and her books are too. A more known book of her is My Sister’s Keeper. She has a whole bunch of New York Bestsellers and stuff.

I have been really proud of myself. I have done housework! And I have enjoyed it! Well, not quite, but I have enjoyed the feeling I got afterwards :P I felt nice ^^’

But I have yet to put bedsheets on my bed.. I changed them yesterday, but I never got around to putting new ones on, so I slept without them last night because I was too tired to do anything about it when I realized i had forgotten.

Anyway, I gott go now. Get off the comp for a bit.

Talkies later!


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