Change in blog plans

4 Aug

You know, I have been thinking about something. I like to talk a lot. I mean, I don’t, not always. But sometimes I have a lot at heart, and someone has to hear it. It’s mostly my boyfriend. Pretty much as equally often, it will be Mads. And I have realized that logging on to check your mail and finding 20 mails from me, all 3 pages long about everything and nothing, that could be kind of tiring in the long run. I bet they don’t even read my emails as often either. So, I have decided that I will not stress with telling about my vacation, though I will – when I feel like it. Instead, I am going to write a post about whatever I would be thinking about or having at heart, instead of emailing my friends. So they can choose to read if they want, and choose not to if they don’t want to. And won’t feel bad about it. Problems solved! Yay!

I warn though, there will be occasions I write tons, and occasions I only write a title. Kinda like Twitter I guess, though I never really understood how that worked. Occasionally I’ll have photos, tips, maybe even videos. Of Sea World :P

This will just be kind of an uninportant blog where you follow my thoughts, my opinions, and my inaginaries. What my day has been filled with, and what it hasn’t been filled with. Weather updates, detailed xplanations as to why I think my dog should not wear his red collar. i’ll say things once, twice, three times. Read if you like, follow along if you like. Please comment. Love comments. And if I, in the process of childishly pouring out my thoughts without thinking, end up offending someone or hurting someone, most likely it is not meant this way, to be offensive I mean, and most likely I am not aware. If I AM aware however, and if it sounds like I really go in for it, then please let me know. But remember though, these are just my opinions, and what I have at heart. Lately it’s been a lot you see, and I feel bad for my boyfriend who has been the unlucky one this time.

Enjoy! Or don’t enjoy. Up to you.


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