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Dinner at grandparents’ house

31 Aug

So another day in school is over. Today was not too bad though, I am finally understanding math, history and philosophy is fun, and spanish.. well, not too fond. Thought it wasn’t all too difficult what we were doing today, as far as I remember. Anyway, after school, Mads and I took the bus home to his place and then fairly quickly after we arrived, we left for his grandparents’ house for dinner. Mince, a scottish dish (if I have the spelling wrong, please let me know), it’s really good. After dinner, we did homework, we were really good, when we sat down to do them, we did them until we were done, no fuss. And at the same time I annoyed the crap out of Mads with playing the soundtrack from Cirque du Soleil‘s KÁ. And, like at most grandparent’s houses, there was coffee and cakes a little later. At least that’s how it is in Norway. Haha, on the way over there I slept in the car with my mouth wide open. So graceful, I know.

And, I swear, I worked hard to get a camera with me, so I could take pics for this post, but my dad took our DSLR with him to his workplace on the other side of the country, and my mom’s camera was dead – with no charger. And mine, well I believe it’s dead, AND it has a full memory card. So, I asked Mads, and he had a DSLR too, but it was dead, with no charger too. I as going to just use his camera on his cell phone, but we then kinda forgot.. So yea.

Now I am just waiting around for Grey’s Anatomy to start, I am totally hooked. I cannot miss a single episode :P

And I think it’s airing soon, so I’ll be off!

Oh and I also forgot my login to Isn’t that just great? -.-

28 Aug

Gah, with school starting up, there is not much interesting to blog about. I mean, all I do is I go to school, pay attention, go home, and do homework, and then I tend to surf around on the internet. I have a few hours every now and then during my school week that I am off, and so I try and do either homework, or blog. So it’s not that I don’t have time or anything, I just don’t have anything to say.

“hey, so today I had norwegian and we learned about the middle age, and then I had history and philosophy and we discussed the difference between humans and animals, and then we had English and we learned the basic grammar, and then we had P.E and we bounced around on BOSU those half balls on the floor for balance thing, and then we had 6 minutes where she taught us to relax.” – Oh how interesting. Everyone has their own school days, or work days, and no one really cares to read about another ones as well. Their own is more than enough. Now if you have an interesting job, where new and interesting things happen every day, that’s different. But my school day is just.. school.

So mostly, I have improved from last year, I now pay attention more, and I speak maybe a tad bit more in class than what I did, AND, I do my homework right away. So I am happy about that. It’s a nice feeling to just be done with homework. Not have it hanging over you, you know. Other than that, I try and hang out with Mads, so he comes home with me sometimes and vice versa. Otherwise, I clean up after my mess at home (after mom told me to do so at least 3 times), I surf the internet, play games on facebook, and I read. That’s about it. Not much interesting. What a life I have.

BUT, during those non-interesting times of surfing the net I found a couple cool things; I fell in love with and I made myself an account. And I’ve been hearting I think about every single image there. And I made myself a youtube account, finally, and added Michelle Phan right away : P, and I’ve been surfing around to find some cheap, yet quality ice blue contacts. I found a page that was pretty cool (of course I don’t have the URL right now, it’s on the computer I use in school), they were of good quality (at least so they claimed) and they were to last for “at LEAST 12 months”. I’m not sure if it was the exact ice blue color I was looking for, but so far they are the best I found, and they were rather cheap. If anyone has any possible contact-candids for me, please let me know.

Does anyone else love weheartit ? Feel free to comment with a link to your favorite image!

Were people happier before?

26 Aug

Many people discuss whether people lived happier lives 100 years ago, 5000 years ago, 10 000 years ago. Were they happier than us? Did they live more valuable lives? Some people would say they did, some would say they didn’t. What do you think? Do you think that 5000 years ago, when people ran around in clothes made from animal skin trying to find food to last throughout the winter, fighting dangers, almost freezing to death, working hard, and had next to nothing, do you think they lived better lives? Do you think, 100 years ago, when they lived in tiny appartments consisting on a kitchen and a bedroom, all shared between one or two families or 4+ people, and worked in factories and coal mines from early dawn to late at night, who could barely afford food, do you think they lived better lives? Do you think our lives are better now, that we have all these things to make us comfortable, like computers, work, lots of money, free education, make-up, clothes, jewelry, nice cars, big houses and shoes filling a whole closet? I know that not everyone have this much money, I’m probably exaggerating, but most people now do have a very comfortable life. At least in the modernized countries.

I have a theory, I have concluded for myself, that I think that people before had a better life. Not 100 years back, but 5000. I think it was harder physically, but so much easier mentally. With little worries and less.. things. I think they were able to appreciate the little things a lot more than you and I do. And you STILL find people living like they did 5000 years ago. Do you think that is a coincidence? Why haven’t they fallowed? There’s probably a reason don’t you think?

But this is only my opinion, as is for now. It can change, and I would also love to hear what you think. Comment! : )

(I wrote this yesterday actually, and a lot more than what is here, and probably better explained, but then I got an error message saying something about auto save not working and then it was all deleted, I can’t find it anywhere, not even in my drafts, and I was rather annoyed, so I wrote a shorter version, and I may or may not have been able to say what I was going to clearly. I appologize for that.) But please comment anyway, and tell me your opinion! There are no real right or wrongs, so just say your opinions! <3

How come ants don’t get hurt when they fall?

22 Aug


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You know what I just thought of? Ants. I really don’t mind them until they are on me, or close to me (I can’t even work in the garden because of all the ants). Mom had been out in the yard picking blueberries from the bushes and brought them in, and along with them, ants. I spot 3, and freak out, but I did remain calm for once. I ignore them, pretend they aren’t there, and suddenly I couldn’t see them. Good and bad I guess. But then one was back, and I’m still calm, but it crawled over to my computer, and I didn’t want it on my computer so I banged the table to scare it away and it goes away a little, but it won’t leave completely you know, so I want to wave it off the table. I wouldn’t kill it, I never kill them, but I don’t want them near me either, and I didn’t want to touch it, so I used something else to just like wave it off the table and it lands on the floor and keeps walking. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! It’s this tiny little ant, and the fall was like 1000 times his size, how can he still walk unharmed?! I just thought about it. It amazes me. I don’t know how, but it’s pretty cool. Wish I could do that..

(Image from Wikipedia)

Back to Civilisation

22 Aug

So the reason for me not blogging anymore since my last post, and not about the philosophical thing I was talking about was that Mads came over to my house Friday night and spent the night with me and then next morning we drove up to our little cottage and spent the night there (without Mads for once). my Aunt Eva and my little cousin Frida Olette were there and my grandparents. It was really nice, 14 C in the water, FO jumped in while I watched, played Settlers at night with a grandma who didn’t understand anything, I don’t think I laughed so much in quite some time. FO got a little upset after she went to bed though, I think her throat was hurting and stuff so she woke up a couple times. We ate Mozart chocolate ball thingies, and drank soda and water till there was nothing left, and grandpa read the paper in the couch. We played a 4 people game with 5 people, turned out quite interesting. And it took forever! My aunt had also brought 2 books on knitting and 1 on crochet and then she taught me how to crochet a kitchen clout. I’m halfway actually : )
But now, we are finally back to civilization. I had left my phone, there is TV but it’s not working quite right, and there is no internet up there. But it was fun and it’s worth it. I love it up there, it’s like up in the mountains : )
So yeah. That was my weekend. How was yours?

Poor Raising

20 Aug

Cover to the US hardback edition of "The ...

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In Norwegian class yesterday, we were handed a print-out of an article about parents who “step off the throne” of raising their children and instead become servants and do everything to please their spoiled children. It’s funny how she would bring this up, because I have just planned, in detail, how I’d like to raise my kids. I mean, obviously there will with great possibility that it won’t happen exactly this way. Have anyone read The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch? With like the Gentlemen Bastards and all?

For those who have (and this will be no spoiler to those to who haven’t), ever noticed Chains, the Eyeless Priest or Perelandro? I’m sure you have, because he is quite essential, but did you ever notice how he raises Locke, Calo, Galdo, and Jean? Probably also Sabetha, but she didn’t appear in this book for some reason, so we know too little of her. Anyway, the way he raised them; calm, strong, tough, fair, loving. That’s how I want to do it. Tough raising, with learning to cook at an early age, be proper, learn to handle different types of people, different aged people, different situations. Learn to read and write preferably before school, learn multiple languages. And of course, respect. It sounds tough, and it is, but it will be done calmly, with a cool head at all times, and with love and fairness.

And here this article goes on about how au pairs in Norway have seen the Norwegian kids – spoiled, disrespectful, and “Princess”. Bossy, demanding, wining. It keeps talking about how parents dismiss themselves from the task of raising their kids, and instead become buddies, and so leave the raising to kindergartens and schools.

It’s true though, we see many cases of spoiled kids like this, just take a look at the show, Nanny 911, ever seen that? I mean, I know that’s extreme, and that it’s not even a speck of sand in this world, but still. Fewer and fewer people seem to have respect. Like just look from what your parents told you (if you are my age) and what grandparents told you about their raising. I’m not saying there were no bullies and that they never did anything wrong, but it was mostly bullying (and I’m certainly not saying it’s right to bully) on a level with their age, not demanding and bossing their parents around. They seemed to have more respect for parents and grown-ups in general. Does anyone see what I mean?

If anyone has any thoughts around this, please, do share. I’d love to hear your views.

Please, also note that I just share my thoughts. I’m not saying I’m right, and I’m not saying this is how it is, and don’t try to tell me otherwise. I would love for you to share your views and thoughts, I am an open person. Don’t be afraid ; P

First two legit classes of the first legit school day

20 Aug

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Okay so there was only one legit class. We started off with English (an elective btw, so stupid), but the whole period went away to the different groups (A, B, C, and D) running down to the library getting their books, one by one. So no English. And then we had History and Philosophy, which, I would like to talk about later, because it was quite interesting, and, I have some thoughts to share, and I also hope to get some shared thoughts back. So please comment on that one. I think I’ll post it when I come home because here I don’t have the quietness to think. 

Anyway, we have an hour of lunch now, it’s the third day of school and people are already running here and there to fix what should already have been fixed, such as computers that don’t work, missing books, assigned classes that runs on the same times, missing classes, full classes, and of course, finding our way around this school. And none of us have really gotten into it all yet; no one has notebooks, no one has pens or pencils, calculators. Lol. We all sound so productive don’t we, the students and personnel and all right? Oh well. It’s always like this the first week of school. Next week there is only bus card things to get sorted out. Some of us that live far away get free bus rides to and from school, and I am one of them. 

So anyway, this is all for now. Lunch is forever long, and I already ate my food. Now I will go with Mads to get his food. Sigh. 

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