Vegas update cont.

23 Jul

See, the following days, like from Monday and stuff has been just the same. Got up fairly early, work out, lay by the pool, dad go to work, eat lunch, shower, relax, and out to some hotel or shopping mall or something and then eat. And when we come back home, the three of us, we watch TV, been a lot on teen mom and some other like “bitchy” programs. Quite interesting. Anyway, so we went to like Cesar’s Palace and stuff, but I will just show pictures later, after our vacation, just have like a sum-up and a bunch of pictures.
So that’s that. Oh, today we didn’t actually go to the gym, we had a day off, and we are back on tomorrow. Another early morning. I swear, at night, I don’t need that sleep, I won’t even fall asleep when I try. In the morning, I try and get up because I love mornings and getting up and doing stuff and get the day started, but there is no way. I keep falling back asleep and it all ends up in my parents yelling at me to get up. So I eat breakfast and walk down to the gym still half asleep. I bet I’m not the only one.
But I’ll be going to bed now seeing as we are going to the gym ay 9.. NINE am tomorrow morning. NINE! Wish me luck..
Goodnight! <3


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