Vegas update 2

21 Jul

So I don’t have much time now either, but I’ll focus. Saturday. We went to the M&M store, I think it was four floors tall, all packed with M&M stuff. We were originally going to the Coca Cola store, but we passed M&M and just had to go in. They had like everything, clothes, souvenirs, cups, watches, baby stuff, M&M’s in incredibly many colors, you name it. Neither of us are THAT great fans of M&Ms but that stuff was awesome. Surprisingly we didn’t even buy a tiny box of M&Ms. Check out the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dad got impatient though, so we left for the Coca-Cola store. They were only two stories high, but nonetheless they had so much stuff. Mom and I don’t drink coke, but it was not bad. Too much stuff to look at you know?

As I said, neither of us love coke, so we had to hug the bottle right? Show our affection

And there was a photo shoot with none other than the Coca-Cola polar bear! Mom completely missed the part where the bear ate my dad.. But cool anyway!

: )

Of course, I had to have a coke anyway. It taster terrible, but I finished almost everything! And it completely went to my head..

Mom got bored and took pictures. Tons of them. And we were just laughing and making faces and stuff. It was so much fun! : )

It was just a great deal of fun. Everyone should go there and have a cold coke on a glass bottle. Great fun ; )


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