Philly cont. 2

20 Jul

Alright, so more about our 24 hours in Philly. Sorry it took some time, I didn’t have the pics to blog yet, but now I do! And my dad’s pictures too. That’s good. So anyway, one of the first things we did that I forgot to tell you about was that we went..

Here! Funny how the stairs to the art gallery is the most famous thing in Philly – not the art museum itself. And of course we had to take a picture with..

None other than Rocky!

Anyway, we went back to the house after shopping at that crazy indoor market I showed in an earlier post, just relaxing. We were planning on having a barbecue with corn on the cob and then go see a baseball game. Turns out we sat around and chatted too much to have time for barbecue. We went to the minor league baseball game, the Sharks, vs.. someone else. We routed for the Sharks so that’s the only one I remember.

Maskotts! This is in front of the stadium neither mom nor I can remember the name of.. Nevermind, it even says in the picture, Campbell’s Stadium. Great job, Mari.

So this is the whole lot of us. Daddy, my brother, mom, me and Betsy. Buddy is taking the shot.

And we had funnel cake!

It was pretty fun. Rather slow though, since it was a minor league, but it was nice. Betsy and I talked a lot and stuff.

So neither of the teams ever scored really, so they had to play over time, and it was already so late so we just went home and straight to bed. The day after we just went shopping. Mom and I bought a pair of Uggs, which I haven’t been too fond of, but these were different and really nice. I’ll show you pics as soon as I got one. We just went shopping on the little street right down from his house, it was tons of stores, all unique and kinda funky. Not quite my style, but they had a couple nice things. So that’s good. Was a cute little street though. Anyway, so that was Philly. I’ll tell you about San Diego shortly! It’s SO exciting! And we went to… Ah, I won’t tell, wait and see!!


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