Silly me

17 Jul

I want to start out by saying “I’m sorry”. I’m sorry. I think this vacation has gotten my head a little messed up. Actually nevermind that. It has gotten my DAD messed up, making me think I was messed up. Let me explain; In my post “My day TODAY” I said it was Thursday the 15th. (this was yesterday). And today, my dad said it was Thursday. The 15th! So I thought I had gotten it all mixd up, so I decided to write a sorry note and let you all know I meant Wednesday the 14th. But to be exactly sure whether I got the date or day or both wrong, I went back to check, just now, exactly what I had written, and I checked the calendar, and I had been right. Today is Friday the 16th. Way to go. Silly me.

Anyway, want to hear about my day today then? The 16th. Friday mind you daddy. I’m just going to tell you. Nothing special, managed to survive thru 3 -4 hours by the pool in 100 degrees today, pages are falling out of my book. Literally. I was reading and all of a sudden I was sitting with a page in my hand, and the rest of the book in the other. Great! Anyway, we’d brought strawberries and extremely expensive cherries out to the pool with us, daddy left for work at 6am and that left the three of us. We played cards and went swimming, and met another norwegian. You know, it’s quite easy to tell whether a person, especially a guy, is Norwegian or not. One the language obviously, but the second, is the hair. Believe it or not. Seems like the past few years this hairstyle has been very popular. Kind of long ish, and they put wax in it and mess it all up. So kinda like spikes, just more natural looking. Get it? My bro has that kinda hair cut, though his is a little short. Charles loves it. We met my brother in the mall one day and he said “I could recognize that hair anywhere”. Anyway, when dad came home we went to eat dinner at the New York, New York hotel, at some italian place. Our waiter was really nice, from New York (ironic right?) and quite funny and talkative. Had a few funny conversations with him;

Waiter: (placing a plate on my brother’s side of the table) “For you….. And for your sister….. Unless it’s your girlfriend”

My brother and I were just like “No.”

Waiter (to dad): “That young lady, if she was my daughter I’d ground her until she was 40 and then send her to a monastery”

Waiter (when we were about to leave): “Don’t stay out on the clubs too late tonight young lady. Your brother can be your wingman”(to my brother): “I’ll take any of your throwaway’s”

Ha, he was pretty funny. You kinda had to be there though to see just how funny it was but he was cool. And while we walked back to our hotel we walked thru some souvenir stores and dad bought me a keychain with “Daddy’s Girl” on it. ; P

Sorry, this post was meant for yesterday. I thought I posted it, I don’t know what happened. And sorry there are no pics..


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