End of DC, and Philly

16 Jul

So on the 8th of July, early morning we drive the two hours back to Philadelphia. The original plan was to stay in DC until the 9th, but that didn’t happen. We decided we also wanted to see Philly, and we all agreed to it. We’d have 8 days there and that would be fine. Well, I kind of relax the hole time there, and I got a little sick in the beginning, so all I wanted to do was to relax, and I went easy on the days. Mistake. I got to see only a few of my friends. I saw Charles and Jaclyn and Marlee as I told before, but I still didn’t get to see Jhosselin or Jorge or Colin or anybody else that I wanted to see. I said hi to a couple friends, but I never got to hang out with anyone. I thought I had such a good time, but I guess not. Time flies. I was rally bummed though that I got to see only a few. But I will be back! So those I didn’t see this time, I’ll see the next! And I mean it.

But anyway, we drove to Philly, and arrived around noon or 1pm so we had a lot of time left over. We arranged so we could stay at some family of mom’s house, Buddy and Betsy and their two dogs Jake and .. and.. Jake was a lab, and the other little white one’s name was…Bailey. ^^ They were both so cute, but Jake was old and could barely walk and had cancer and diabetes and everything. The poor thing just laid in his crate all day. Anyway, Buddy took us on a Cliffs notes tour of Philly. We saw Betsy Ross’ house, had a Gino’s cheese steak with whizz cheese and french fries with whizz also, that was actually really good.

The place was cool though, and apparently really popular, not too strange. But when we arrived there were only a couple people in line in front of us, and a few tables free for us, so we just ordered and sat right down. I’m not kidding, five minutes later that line went around the block and there was not a single table left for anyone. It was amazing! We totally came to the right time! Geno’s is the “original” cheese steak shop, but there is one right across the street that is also really good, and they were founded at about the same time, but Geno’s was still the first. They are both equally popular though. Anyway, this place looked weird, and they had posted pictures EVERYWHERE. Even in the tables and on the ceiling and everywhere. Even Elvis and other famous people.

Look at all those people!

More on the Cliffs notes tour of Philly and the rest of my 24 hour stay in a little bit!


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