I’m Back!

15 Jul

Even though that made me sound a bit self centered. Oh well!

I have TONS of updates for you all, so don’t go anywhere. I’ll post them in several posts so there won’t be just one HUGE post, that would be kinda annoying. I have not been blogging for the past.. too long time, and the reason for this people; I’m on vacation. No other place than America. And I love it! We, my parents and brother and I, all went to DC first, then had a night in Philly, took a plane to Vegas, next day drove to San Diego, stayed a few nights and now we are back in VEGAS! Please stay tuned to hear everything about my AMAZING days here! The reason I don’t start now is because I want pics for you, and for that I’ll be needing my dad seeing as he knows where the USB chord is or whatever. More fun with pics you know? ^^’

And yes, I know I have promised pics before, but that hasn’t happened. I’m not always too good at keeping what I promise. BUT, this time I WILL post pics. I’ll go look for the chord right now.


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