DC cont

15 Jul

Alright so while in DC, I really wanted to see my best friend, Jaclyn, which is fair enough, right? Well, she was on vacation most of my week there, and then she was really busy working and all, but we managed to find a tiny bit of precious time in between all she had to do, so Charles and Jaclyn and I all went out for dinner at this restaurant I can’t remember the name of. Jaclyn and I shared a pizza, Charles had one of his own. He’s a man you know. : P  After dinner, Jaclyn and Charles, and I all went to Jaclyn’s house for dessert, some sort of cake I need the recipe of because it was DELICIOUS, and when I get it I’ll bake it and post it ; P And then we watched a movie. Which I can’t remember the name of. Was a boy, in high school, whose mom was a drug addict, and his dad dies early in the movie, and he is homeless and this family takes him in, and he starts to play football and becomes really good and every college wants him on their football team and whatnot, a really great movie, I loved it. Anyone know what movie I’m talking about? Anyone to tell me the name?

After the movie, Charles had to go home, but I stayed at Jaclyn’s, spending the night. We jumped in pajamas and decided to see our all-time favourite movie, that we just HAVE to see whenever we are together. Guess which; Tarzan. It’s hilarious! First time I saw it since I was a kid, Jaclyn and I laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe. We had to see it again only the day after, and now every time I come visit we have to see it. So again, we put the VHS in the player and started to watch. And suddenly we stopped commenting and saying what the characters were supposed to say. I felt how heavy my eyelids suddenly became, but it was a funny part, a real funny one, so I fought it and fought it, and then they started singing this song and I was like “Okay, I’ll fall asleep during this part, and then wake back up.” Didn’t happen. Next thing I know it’s 9am next morning. Jaclyn had fallen asleep also. But it was okay since we saw Tarzan. At least we meant to.

Next morning, Jaclyn showed me a whole bunch of Jeff Dunham videos that we had been talking about the other night that I had never seen. When I was here last, she showed me the great Adam Hills, and this time she showed me more than just Ahmet The Dead Terrorist. I loved the Walter one where this guy goes to the restroom and Walter says they will wait with the show until he is back, and they start talking about his job and stuff, ever seen it? And peanut. Especially the part with José the Jalapeno on a Stick. But Adam Hills is still my favourite. I’ll post the two Jeff one’s later.

In the middle of all this comedy watching on youtube, Marlee calls Jaclyn for lunch, so we agree to meet, and Marlee is always late, and so were we, so we thought it was okay, but this was the one time Marlee was actually on time. Figures huh? ^^’ But it was all okay, and we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant that was really cool and the people spoke what I think was english but you couldn’t understand much, but they were SO cute and very very nice, and I’d recommend the place to you, but again, I can’t remember the name. I really need to learn all this. BUT, girls, we had to take pics. So we had this “english” speaking guy take our picture

From the right; Jaclyn, Marlee, and me. Maybe not the best picture, but it’s a memory worth keeping;) <3

And I had to take a quick snap of Jaclyn:

I love Jaclyn. She had the smile of The Little Mermaid, and she is just SO nice. Best friend I’ve ever had. Honest. <3

Now, I know there are a couple of the pictures from the previous post that doesn’t show up, and I’ll re-upload them shortly. I think. I’ll get it done sometime at least.


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