15 Jul

Alrighty. First part of my vacation, DC. Our original plan was to fly from Oslo, Norway, have a layover in Philly, and then to Vegas. Daddy is working in Vegas, which allowed us this trip. We left early, like two weeks before my dad was gonna start working, and then decided to have a long layover in Pennsylvania, 9 days. We left July 1, and spent our 7 first days in DC, where we used to live only a year ago. I’d already been back this spring break, but mom and dad and my brother had not been there in over a year. It’s always weird coming back to a place you lived, because you recognize everything, and it’s “home” but there is no “home” to go to. We stayed at friends houses. I spend most of my time at my boyfriends house, and had a few nights other places. I was kind of on my own, seeing my own friends, staying at my boyfriends’ house, while the rest of my family stayed at other people’s houses.

Now, there will be a couple pictures, I’ll try to create slideshows for the pics that have to do with the same stuff.

My family went to our favourite pizza restaurant in DC; Pulcinella. This is my brother eating his favourite pizza – margarita, if I’m not mistaken.With added mushroom.

Charles, my boyfriend, and his family took me to the Firemen’s Games in Fairfax. It was great fun, but in between the games I got bored and took pictures of all sorts of random things:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But it was great fun. I didn’t get to take any pictures of the games themselves, but I took a picture of a turquoise  truck that was really cool

Cool huh? And the firetrucks had a lot of .. stuff on them

And of course, since it’s America…

..the American flag! On the fire truck.

And a fail picture of Charles..

And we went to dinner! We went out for dinner or lunch at least once every day. And we went to this place that has a LOT of food in one dish, but it’s really good.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I don’t think that it was this…

This was my meal- I was only able to finish half. It was okay, not too fan of the bacon though, but otherwise good.

They had this little store there where they sold a bunch of things, like Skittles!! Love those. I didn’t buy any though. Haha.

And there was a cool car in the parking lot! Charles would shake his head at me if I told him this. But I even know what car it is! I think.. Beetle/Bug, Wolgsvagen. Please let me be right now. I’ve been practicing cars you see.

And me with the camera, when we came back to their house, I stayed outside going ballistic with the camera. Even had a photo shoot with stones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They weren’t ALL the bad were they?

And then I got bored, and lay down on the Hammock.

lovely pic right there don’t you think?

And this was my view from the Hammock

And then Charles came out with his soccer ball, and of course I had to have a picture of that one too. He called it new, but it sure didn’t look all that “new” to me.

At first, he wouldn’t let me take a pic of him

But I got one eventually, stealthy as I am, HA ^^’

I love smiling people, they make me so happy! See, doesn’t he look happy here? When I saw this pic again now, it made me really happy. ^^

Another thing we did, that I obviously don’t have a picture of, Charles and I went to see a movie, and we ended up choosing The Last Airbender. I love that movie. I want to see it again. ^^ It was great.

I have more stuff to tell from DC, but we are going out grocery shopping, and then eating at PF Changs, so I have to go get ready. I’ll blog more soon, and tell about the rest of my past events and keep you updated on what is going on now! I’ll be back shortly!


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