Alrighty, my day TODAY

15 Jul

Vegas, Thursday the 15th. Today. ^^’ Just to be clear on that one. We all slept in since we arrived so late last night. I spent some time chatting with my friends in the morning, resulting in everyone waiting for me when we were going down to the pool since I was not ready. It’s HOT here in Vegas, that’s all I can say. Over 100 degrees even at night. Oh wait, no, maybe it will sink to about 99. Luckily the shade is a LITTLE cooler than the strong sun, but not by much. First thing we all did, except for my mom, once we came down there was to jump in the pool. The pool was actually cold. It was refreshing and cool, not warm like we thought it would be, and it was cold to get back out of the water. Which was good. It lasted for about 2 minutes and then you were just as hot as ever again, so we went back and forth a lot between sunbathing and relaxing, to the pool swimming and playing. It’s actually really good exercise to play in the pool. We played tag and I got really tired. I only went in about twice though, because my face dries out so much. After the pool we went to McDonalds to eat dinner, mainly because it was the only place that was within our lunch-prize range. All the other places were like 15 dollars for a sandwich, and thats a tad bit too much if you ask me. For dinner, fine, but not for lunch. Oh btw, we are staying at the MGM Signature hotels, I forgot to mention that. View out to the “Strip”. It’s great, though we are on the 32nd floor and I won’t dare to look down haha.

After lunch we relaxed and took our showers within the four walls of A/C!! Finally! And we went grocery shopping. Mm interesting right? Juicy stuff right there. Kidding, but it was kinda funny, because my brother was just running around finding all these things and went like “DADDY DADDY! Look they even have THIS! And it costs only THIS! And I’ll buy it myself, dad can I PLEEEEASEE have one?” and “Oh daddy look, cookies, look this look that” haha. Oh well. I guess I can’t blame him, we don’t have all this stuff in Norway, it’s different you know.

Anyway, so we went to dinner at P.F. Chang’s at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, and I ordered one of my famous Virgin Strawberry Dacqouri (however you spell that). I LOVE that drink. And my brother and I shared a Fried Rice with Chicken and still couldn’t finish. We saw the Belaggio’s (?) dancing water show after we had dinner and the water danced to Singing in the Rain, it was really cool. But naturally, we didn’t bring a video camera when it’s needed the most, right?

We walked thru the mall back to our hotel and on the way mom and I stopped to get our hair done at one of those stands. I asked if they had this wave curler thing, and this is what my hair ended up like:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I must admit, it is kind of a funny feeling. And it looks kinda weird. But I’m getting used to it and I’m starting to like it. It’s a nice change from time to time right ? And it wasn’t even bad for my hair. Waddya know. It’s supposed to last 3 days, but I don’t know with my swimming. OH, and I’m actually getting a tan. Two days in the sun and I already have a tan line. Mostly a red line, but some places a tan line too. LOVE!

I walked on heels ever since the grocery shopping at 6, and don’t get me wrong, the shoes are LOVELY. Quite high, but they don’t hurt anywhere, but after like 4-5 hours my feet got sore underneath. So bad that there was little difference when I took my shoes off, it still hurt pretty bad. But they are gorgeous so it’s okay. Though I think my way of walking wasn’t too… graceful towards the end there. They are starting to get a little better  now, but it still hurts on tile floor and floor other than carpet, so we’ll see tomorrow. I’ll have some pics posted of all the stuff I bought, clothes, shoes and wallet and all! I’m really excited about it all, and you know how people say that shopping is addicting and it gives you the happy feeling, but only when you buy it and then the day after its all gone? Wrong. I’m still on a high from all the cheap shopping I managed to get done while in San Diego. It’s so cool! I love it all!

But I’ll be going off to bed now, it’s getting rather late. And my feet need real rest. Sleep. oww..

But remember not to go anywhere though, I’ll post more of  the trip tomorrow I believe. And it just keeps getting better!



4 Responses to “Alrighty, my day TODAY”

  1. Jorge July 15, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    You were in D.C but didn’t visit me?

    • Mari July 16, 2010 at 2:15 am #

      I know! I didn’t get to see anyone! I saw like 3 friends, and said hi to two more, and that was it! I was all like “noooo” when we were gonna leave! We got a lot less time than I first thought, and I also decided to imagine I had all the time in the world. Great right? But I’ll be back asap okay! I’ll get to see you then : )

  2. Jorge July 16, 2010 at 2:17 am #

    Depends on when..
    I’m leaving for Chile next week..

    • Mari July 16, 2010 at 2:39 am #

      not THAT soon. But I’ll be back… later? Fall break? Winter break? Whenever I’m off and you are too. Cause there is no point of me coming when you are all in school you know, because I’d only see people at night, and everyone will have homework and you are juniors and seniors which means a lot of work and id be all like “-.-”
      Not worth it. But I’ll save money so I hopefully can come for spring break, depending on if Charles will actually let me. My parents are fine, but he insists on me staying with my family. He’ll get over himself. I’ll come anyway. I just need a job first.. dang..

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