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San Diego

26 Jul

About San Diego, it kind of stresses me out to know I have to tell you about it now, and therefore I sometimes choose not to blog even if I have the chance, so I will just tell you this; I’ll tell you everything about San Diego when I come back home. And I’ll show pictures and what not.

So now you know that. Instead of San Diego, I’ll just keep you updated on what is going on here. But don’t go anywhere, because the San Diego trip is worth waiting for!


Cirque du Soleil, KÀ

25 Jul

Updates on Vegas lately, are few, and I’m sorry I didn’t blog but I kinda forgot all about it. Nothing more has been going on, we saw the cCircue du Soleil show, KÀ at MGM Grand. It was amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone who goes to Las Vegas. I mean, I guess any Cirque du Soleil show would be just as amazing, but the only one we saw was KÀ. No cameras were allowed, so I don’t have any pictures or videos to show you, but if you youtube Circue du Soleil, KÀ, you find a lot of great stuff.

Here are some of my favorite scenes

Love Dance

The slave Cage, or “Wheel of Death”

To be honest, I spent more of my attention worrying about him coming out of it alive, than what he was actually doing. And I’m not even kidding, he slipped and almost fell one too many times, and I was so sure he was going to die. Like when he was jump roping on top of that wheel.. Man, when he tripped I didn’t really want to see anything more. But he did it again, and he didn’t trip, luckily, and he was really proud afterwards. And I was glad it was over.

Vertical Stage

ah never mind that, it won’t let me copy the link. But look it up, its amazing, I promise.

Oh and they had this little puppet show, it was so cute!

I could find you so many more, but I’ll let you find them yourselves ; P

So yeah. Tell me what you think!

Vegas update cont.

23 Jul

See, the following days, like from Monday and stuff has been just the same. Got up fairly early, work out, lay by the pool, dad go to work, eat lunch, shower, relax, and out to some hotel or shopping mall or something and then eat. And when we come back home, the three of us, we watch TV, been a lot on teen mom and some other like “bitchy” programs. Quite interesting. Anyway, so we went to like Cesar’s Palace and stuff, but I will just show pictures later, after our vacation, just have like a sum-up and a bunch of pictures.
So that’s that. Oh, today we didn’t actually go to the gym, we had a day off, and we are back on tomorrow. Another early morning. I swear, at night, I don’t need that sleep, I won’t even fall asleep when I try. In the morning, I try and get up because I love mornings and getting up and doing stuff and get the day started, but there is no way. I keep falling back asleep and it all ends up in my parents yelling at me to get up. So I eat breakfast and walk down to the gym still half asleep. I bet I’m not the only one.
But I’ll be going to bed now seeing as we are going to the gym ay 9.. NINE am tomorrow morning. NINE! Wish me luck..
Goodnight! <3

Vegas update 2

21 Jul

So I don’t have much time now either, but I’ll focus. Saturday. We went to the M&M store, I think it was four floors tall, all packed with M&M stuff. We were originally going to the Coca Cola store, but we passed M&M and just had to go in. They had like everything, clothes, souvenirs, cups, watches, baby stuff, M&M’s in incredibly many colors, you name it. Neither of us are THAT great fans of M&Ms but that stuff was awesome. Surprisingly we didn’t even buy a tiny box of M&Ms. Check out the pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dad got impatient though, so we left for the Coca-Cola store. They were only two stories high, but nonetheless they had so much stuff. Mom and I don’t drink coke, but it was not bad. Too much stuff to look at you know?

As I said, neither of us love coke, so we had to hug the bottle right? Show our affection

And there was a photo shoot with none other than the Coca-Cola polar bear! Mom completely missed the part where the bear ate my dad.. But cool anyway!

: )

Of course, I had to have a coke anyway. It taster terrible, but I finished almost everything! And it completely went to my head..

Mom got bored and took pictures. Tons of them. And we were just laughing and making faces and stuff. It was so much fun! : )

It was just a great deal of fun. Everyone should go there and have a cold coke on a glass bottle. Great fun ; )

Vegas update

21 Jul

Alright, so before I start talking about San Diego here and all those AMAZING adventures, I will give an update about how things are going here. Not much stuff has been going on here really, but on Friday we all decided to go down to Harley Davidson to check out their store, which turned out to be only this tiny tiny room. Anyway, on the way ( we decided to walk in this crazy heat ) we walked by the Hawaiian market, and I was just looking around and I was headed for this stand, and before I even knew what it was, this little short skinny man comes up to me  and drags me over to his stand, and he insists on showing me how his product works and I was amused instantly. It was this nail thing where you can make designs on your nails and they had everything from flowers to umbrellas to pirate skulls to hearts and letters you know, these stencils and you could do it all yourself. French manicure, cute deigns, or just, you know, anything. They had different sets, and each more fancy and expensive than the other you know, but I was amused and as my mom comes up, she is drawn into it as well, and we end up spending $160 dollars, and regretted it immediately. But done was done, and we had to deal with it so we pretend to love it. Which we do. We love it, it’s genius and its amazing and fun and worth the money you know, if you go to a salon to get this done it’s like 20 – 30 bucks each time, and doing it at home it’s free. So that money is added up fairly quickly. And we tell each other it was a good deal, and in the end I think it was.

This is what we ended up with:


I’ll show better pictures later of what’s inside it and how it looks and works and whatnot. It’s so genius. Picture borrowed from their website.

Anyway, Saturday… Oh right, we went to an outlet, and I got myself 3 paris or ear rings for 12 dollars, not bad. They are nice though, i really like them, though one pair is a little broken, I guess the quality wasn’t too good, but it was cheap also, so it was okay. Anyway, at the outlet, the girls and guys broke up since the guys stress us out by being impatient, and we agreed to meet for lunch. Well, 3 hours later, we met for lunch, the guys were done and we were barely a third of the way through the mall. Ehee.. We decided that the guys go back home and then come pick us up later so we get to take our sweet time. Any girl would be on our side ; P But first, shoe shopping. Cause mom and I had found shoes. We all needed work out shoes, and it’s a lot cheaper here in America, than back home in Norway. Mom and I had found the “famous” Shape-Ups. We just had to try them for fun and fell in love instantly. They are so comfortable to walk in! And come to think you burn more calories too : D We obviously bought the ones fit for exercising  and not just walking, and those that burned the most calories. And they are amazing colors! I couldn’t find pictures of ours online, but I’ll show you once i have my own pics of them. They are so cool! Mostly because they are pink..

So anyway, the guys didn’t like them as much as us, and they went home. My brother got two other shoes though – one for 5 dollars! I think it was a mistake, but hey! – we’re not complaining!

Mom and I shopped a little more, but our time was still limited, we still only had 3 more hours to go after the guys left, because we were going out to dinner. With none other than… dun dun dun… THE MEIER’S! We lived in Virginia at the same time they did, and when my parents went back to Norway, and I stayed behind to finish school, I stayed at their house. They came to Vegas for a few days, and we decided to meet up for dinner. At the same Italian restaurant at New York, New York that I told about earlier. And after that… we took the roller coaster. And I swear, I have never done anything worse in my life. I love roller coasters, I loved this one as well, but the trip UP, in that tiny little wagon thing, all strapped up and with no means of getting out or regretting. I was all excited, not too nervous, but as soon as I saw that steep long climb up, I regretted it more than I have ever regretted anything in my whole entire life. I honestly thought I was going to die. I sat there, pretended to lie in bed, because that’s what it felt like, minus the comfort. I counted and counted and it seemed like an eternity until we were up. Once up though, I was fine. The coaster was a little “bumpy” and it hurt from time to time, but it was great fun. By the end of it I started laughing so hard. It was worth it, but there is no way I’m doing it again.

Pictures from the night:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was all great fun. Late night again ; P

Feels like we have kind of just forgotten all about “bedtime” and reasonable times of getting up with the morning. We don’t go to bed until more like midnight, or the “first hour of the morning” and we sleep in until the “ninth or tenth hour of the morning”. I know it’s not late, but you know. Daddy is the only one with a reasonable wake up time since he is working. Was better today though, we got up at 8.30 to work out. Quite fun.

I had a lot more stories from the time here and San Diego, but it’s really late. I started writing this post this afternoon, but I was doing so many things at the same time so I never got past the first sentence, and now I’m trying to tell you all about my days late at night with my parents bugging me and I’m so tired I could fall asleep right here and now. So I’ll tell you more about M&M and Coca-Cola store  tomorrow. And try to focus while doing so. I really need to work on that..


Philly cont. 2

20 Jul

Alright, so more about our 24 hours in Philly. Sorry it took some time, I didn’t have the pics to blog yet, but now I do! And my dad’s pictures too. That’s good. So anyway, one of the first things we did that I forgot to tell you about was that we went..

Here! Funny how the stairs to the art gallery is the most famous thing in Philly – not the art museum itself. And of course we had to take a picture with..

None other than Rocky!

Anyway, we went back to the house after shopping at that crazy indoor market I showed in an earlier post, just relaxing. We were planning on having a barbecue with corn on the cob and then go see a baseball game. Turns out we sat around and chatted too much to have time for barbecue. We went to the minor league baseball game, the Sharks, vs.. someone else. We routed for the Sharks so that’s the only one I remember.

Maskotts! This is in front of the stadium neither mom nor I can remember the name of.. Nevermind, it even says in the picture, Campbell’s Stadium. Great job, Mari.

So this is the whole lot of us. Daddy, my brother, mom, me and Betsy. Buddy is taking the shot.

And we had funnel cake!

It was pretty fun. Rather slow though, since it was a minor league, but it was nice. Betsy and I talked a lot and stuff.

So neither of the teams ever scored really, so they had to play over time, and it was already so late so we just went home and straight to bed. The day after we just went shopping. Mom and I bought a pair of Uggs, which I haven’t been too fond of, but these were different and really nice. I’ll show you pics as soon as I got one. We just went shopping on the little street right down from his house, it was tons of stores, all unique and kinda funky. Not quite my style, but they had a couple nice things. So that’s good. Was a cute little street though. Anyway, so that was Philly. I’ll tell you about San Diego shortly! It’s SO exciting! And we went to… Ah, I won’t tell, wait and see!!

I got it right this time – really!

17 Jul

Alright, so remember that post “Silly me” where isaid that igot the times messed up and days and dates right? And then i hadnt after all? Well i had. The only reaon that i thought i got it right was that my computer was on norwegian time zone – 9 hours ahead from here in las vegas. Meaning it would show a day too soon most of the time. yay! so today is friday. the 16th. For real. Sorry.

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