Behind every photographer is a …

27 Jun

I love photography. Just as I love elephants, whaddya know. Anyway, I have another email subscription to a digital photography school. They send me weekly updates and hints and tips and tutorials. Well today one of them was the weekend photography assignment. Which was to complete the sentence “Behind every great photographer is a….”

There were so many great answers that were just plain genius:

is the photographer’s behind!

Is the one who agreed to spend the money for the first DSLR.

drive to see an image out of nothing…

There’s another great photographer….

… usually another photographer :D

Behind every good photographer there’s … Photoshop

Behind every photographer there are your loved ones….who inspires you to do better

To read all the answers, go to this link:
For more info about photography, more tips and tutorials, visit tis link:

Behind every photographer there is a….

What is your answer? Please comment!


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