24 Jun

Summer, warm weather, sun, blue sky, no clouds, tons of people on the beach, ice creams everywhere, bikinis, sunscreen, light weight summer dresses, occasional warm breeze, salty smell of sea, screams of sea gulls. Ah, it’s lovely. Except that’s not the case today. It’s rather chilly, no wind, cloudy, no people at the beach, and definitely no need for sunscreen. Even though technically it is advised to use sunscreen of at least 15 SPF all year round. Anyway, make the best of what you got, right?

Mads will be over at some point today, daddy will be home at 3pm and mom has left for her ceramics studio. I got the camera back up and running, all it needs is to be charged and it should be done in about an hour. Which means I’ll have pictures! Wait.. the Mac doesn’t have a memory card reader.. ouch.. Maybe the other computer does. ^^’ Anyway, I’ll have some pics posted – some better than the webcam pics.
My dog has found it acceptable to sleep right next to me in my bed for once! The poor thing, he itches so much all over, especially his neck and we don’t know what it is.. Mom is going to take him to the vet this afternoon I think, so hopefully they can find out what it is, because it is really bugging him. And I can understand perfectly fine, my legs itch so much sometimes I can’t sleep at night, so I feel his pain. I hope he gets better.


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