21 Jun

So, I’ve been out tanning today. And I think it’s insanely boring unless I fall asleep. it’s way too windy to play cards, I can’t read because the light is so bright, my computer won’t work without its charger and I can’t see the screen, my nails are painted, music gets boring, and my friends are still in school. What do I to? I already read thru the magazine, the beach is too windy to go sea-shell-hunting, and your dog won’t play with me because his coat is so warm he just wants to lie still. So if anyone has any great ideas to things to do when tanning, please comment and I’ll post another post later where I collect all the tips and tricks. (I’m a girl, what do you expect? I need a post like this)

Well, other than that, while I researched things to do while tanning, I found another site with an article of the best way to get the great deep tan that lasts thru fall.

Shortly summed up there were 10 steps:

1. Exfoliate. Dead skin cells block for the good ones underneath and your tan will not last.

2. Lather on the suntan lotion. If you don’t, you’ll just get tan real quickly and it will disappear just as quickly, and you also have a greater chance of getting burned.

3. Tan for only one or two hours per day. Too much sun isn’t good, you risk getting burned, and you tan too quickly. Consecutive days of tanning is better.

4. Tan your whole body. It looks better. Make sure to tan inside of legs and your sides and the back of your arms.

5. Shower after your sun tanning time. Don’t shower too much. If you showered in the morning, only shower to get rid of the sun tan lotion. Don’t use soap all over your body – it can dry your skin and peel off the skin that finally got some color.

6.Moisturize. Morning, after tanning, and night. It will keep the skin alive longer and let you have a better tan.

7. Drink lots of water. It helps keep the cells alive longer and moisturize. Besides, it’s generally important.

8. Tan for consecutive days. If you only tan on the weekends, the base tan you got the first weekend will be wasted by the second. Tan every day and your tan will get deep and nice.

9. Never get a sunburn. You’ll have to wait for the redness to go away and then you have to start all over.

10. Avoid extra sun. On the weekends you might have extra time. Don’t stay in the sun all day, and cover up with loose clothing. Sun hat and sunglasses. Higher SPF.

Other tips that were involved:

  • When tanning your back, cover your head. Your face gets enough sun from when you are tanning your belly.
  • Most sensitive areas is neck and face and back of legs. Make sure to get enough layers of sunscreen.
  • Your full tan won’t show up for 4-6 hours. So don’t worry if you still look as pale after your tanning session.

I hope these tips were helpful!


2 Responses to “Tanning”

  1. tan forum January 10, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    wow! what nice tips. i like number 9, one should not forget that. :) if you got sunburn, then you most likely ruined your tan. great article though, thanks for sharing this. godbless.

    • Mari January 10, 2011 at 10:01 am #

      Thanks! I hope it helps you in the future! : )

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