19 Jun

Alright. So I spent I’m sure 3 hours cooking dinner today. We had two, well three courses; First a soup with vegetables, fish, shrimp and some sort of clams, the blue ones. Second, we had pasta with home made meat sauce with a lot of yummy stuff. And for dessert we had ice cream and raspberries.
Turned out really good.

I forgot to take pics right away from uneaten plates and stuff, but I have a few from .. well, pretty much when we are done.

My uncle sat down with me an hour ago to teach me more about wordpress, tips and tricks and explained what is what, and compared it to the wordpress.org that he is using for marketing and such, and he taught me the stuff I didn’t understand about Mac – how my teachers couldn’t open or see my word documents i posted, and such, and a little about KeyNote and stuff, so that was good. I am now well educated in foods and technology. Just kidding, but I learned a whole bunch of stuff today, and that was fun. I took pics with my aunts camera which means I’ll have them on my computer tomorrow and I’ll post them ASAP ^^


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