Strawberries and Wedding

19 Jun

I was waken up around 9am today by the little “monster” Frida Olette. She cam tubling down going “Mari?! MARI!” followed by “no e det frokost” (breakfast time) with her “r”‘s sounding like a television with white and black dots on the screen making that weird sound when it doesn’t work. Breakfast was good though, good bread with lots of good stuff to go with it. I had eggs. And salmon. Yum

Mom left right after breakfast for a party I think, and my brother, uncle and grandpa, along with FO went to the grocery store to find dinner for tonight. They are back now, but I still didn’t ask what dinner would be. We’ll soon find out!

While they were gone, I went for a walk with Miro-doggie, and only 100 m down the street I find the most delicious little berries on this whole planet. It’s my all time favorite eatable thing. Guess what it is! WILD NORWEGIAN STRAWBERRIES!! They are like normal  strawberries you can get from the store, but they are smaller, and sweeter. They are so sweet you don’t need any sugar or any vanilla or honey or milk or anything with it. So I stopped and I had some and we continued walking. Just a little while later, on the side of the road I spot some more of them. And with a second look I see there are TONS of them! Oh my gosh, I thought I was in heaven. My poor dog had to sit patiently and wait for me to pick and eat them all, I think he was really bored. There were a lot of weeds – the sticky ones too, and spider’s webs and bugs and it was wet and it started raining but I wasn’t leaving, those things are good. And then it started pouring and my dog was impatient so I left.

I just watched the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé Daniel. It was so gorgeous. First it was all the guests who came, and we saw all the dresses ^w^. And then the prince-to-be came and the crowd went crazy. And he came with the Princess’ brother, the Prince. And then, in the end, was Princess Victoria. Princess Victoria is a very down-to-earth, lovely, sweet, nice, girl and I didn’t really know who she was until recently I “got to know her” a little better, and that was only this week, and today really, and by her personality I’d think she’d have a simple and elegant dress, and so she had. She was beautiful. And she wore a crown (diadem) and she was so gorgeous. And when they said yes and all the time, Daniel was fighting his tears and when they repeated the Priest’s words they both cried. Even the Princess. I’m not sure which one of them who was most surprised that cried, but it was so beautiful and they really love each other and they look really cute and good together and I was all like aawww… ^^

The wedding is still going on, but it’s only the priest talking and choir singing so I don’t have to see it. I’m listening though, although I must admit Swedish is a little tricky to understand at times, despite the similarities to Norwegian.

Not surprisingly there are no pics out of the Princess of Sweden yet, but once there are I’ll post pictures of the lovely Princess Victoria.

It was so gorgeous. They had to word really hard to be wed though, because Daniel is not a royal person, he is from the commonwealth of Sweden and so the King didn’t really approve of the wedding at first, but he didn’t really have much of a choice, I bet that Princess Victoria would leave the royalty to marry the love of her life. They waited 9 years to marry, but it was well worth it.

May their love last forever…


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