Little kids, good food, and cameras that doesn’t work…

17 Jun

My dear little cousin Frida Olette and my aunt Eva came over this morning! Which explains the no blogging, because FO needs attention all the time. She is four years old and extremely full of energy. She’s a great deal of fun though, and we ran around outside playing tag and her new invented games, we drew a little bit, and we painted our nails. Pink and orange, lovely. And then Mads and I were both tired. So my mother decided to save us and her and my aunt and FO all went down to the beach to find seashells and Mads and I stayed home making Deviled Eggs. Yum!

Even Mads liked it!

And then we realized we were hungry and made mashed potatoes. I took a picture of it, but  of course there had to be something wrong – there was no mem card in the camera. Great. I really need to either find my own, or charge daddy’s DSLR. I might actually do that.

I’ll post more pics later, once my aunt puts them on my computer.

Currently my aunt mother and cousin are all decorating a log they found with seashells and tiny beach crabs and Mads is almost falling asleep behind me. Dinner will be later tonight, chicken fajita with cheese. Yum again!



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