Cleaning, relaxing, DEXTER!

16 Jun

I am so going to spend the next hour of this day chilling out. I made dinner after my brother ( he only managed to make a very tiny little bit that would not feed all three of us) and I cleaned up after dinner, vacuumed downstairs as well as upstairs, with the help of Mads luckily, and now we are both tired and going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing, playing FB games, blogging and eating chips. We have to walk the dogs at some point today, but that can wait a little bit.
I managed to get a picture of Dexter a little while ago while he was sleeping on Mads’ lap:

Isn’t he adorable? We have fallen completely in love with him…

When my dog Miro starts barking outside, Dexter comes running barking like crazy without knowing what’s so interesting. It’s pretty funny.


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