Fresh and awake

15 Jun

Ah, nothing is like a looong shower in the morning. It’s so great waking up to the noises of your little brother and mother talking and getting him ready for school and you can just close your eyes and go back to sleep for another three – four hours. For two weeks I can do this! I feel a little bad for him though for having to go to school still, but I am enjoying every minute of my non-school, non-homework and non-study days at home. Or at friends’ houses. The weather is actually pretty nice today also.
Though, today is kind of a busy busy day; gotta go in to town to school to drop off my school computer for the summer at 1pm, then I have to go to work, clean a bunch of offices sounds fun huh? And then, my brother has a .. performance, a play, or something with his school for the end of the year tonight, so I will be attending that. Should be fun :) I bet they are really good, the 7th graders. I can’t believe he is an 8th grader next year already.
Okay enough sounding like a mom, here is my after-a-showe photo shoot this morning. Aka me having fun with photobooth.

ha, it looks like I'm breathing light


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