7th grade sketch show!!

15 Jun

As I said earlier, I was at my brothers end of the year / school performance. It was great – there were a whole bunch of short sketches, all very funny, and we all laughed a lot. The show was scheduled to last 45 minutes – 1 hour 20 mins later they all stood on the scene and bowed.
The sketches were about the youth age – going over to middle school now, about flirting, confirmations, grades, exams, teachers, proms – you know, middle school stuff. There was a lot of great humor behind it, and easy to understand, so I really enjoyed myself. I did not have such high expectations when I first came, so they all blew me off. They were all great actors and it was just a fun experience.
After the show, there was serve-yourself-seafood. Norwegian fresh shrimp, marinated shrimp, white bread, herbs, and soda. It was delicious, and I hadn’t been eating almost anything all day so it was great. The teachers had a few words each, thanking for the year and time with my brother’s class, and the principal spoke, they were all handed little cards from the teachers and a box with a chocolate heart and then there were cakes. Lots and lots of cakes. Yum!
And then in the end, each student said short a few words to the teachers about the school year and what they’d remember the most. Here are a few:
“I liked starting school, but i enjoyed it even better when we finished”
“I will never forget when Thomas was kicked in the balls in the locker room yesterday”
“I will never forget when the guys climbed over a hedge to watch a lady sunbathing”
And my brother’s: “Cool people”

It was all great fun. : P

Sadly, my mother’s camera went a little nuts; I checked it before we left that there was plenty of space for taking new pics. Sure enough, there were only 3 pics on there. Mom takes ONE single picture and gets a message “no more memory card space.” Great. But I think grandma’ got a few shots, so I will upload them when we get them from her!
Starting at 7, the show all in all ended 10.30. And they have school tomorrow.
So now it’s 30 minutes to midnight, i have coffee on my dress, and my eyes are half shut. Don’t I sound lovely?
I think I’m just gonna climb into bed soon. And we all know that that is what will happen right. Watch me post another post at 2am tonight.
But I gotta go! I need to clean out all the junk in my bed so that my grandmother can go to sleep!
Have a great evening everyone! : 9
“The difference between try and triumph is just a
little umph!”

— Marvin Phillips


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