14 Jun

Just wanted to inform you that if you take a look at my sidebar there is a  SocialVibe widget. Please dedicate maximum of 5 minutes of your life to raise money for those who need it. By supporting “Health” Cause on SocialVibe means that you are earning donations that will be distributed to a variety of charities, including Stand Up to Cancer, Children’s Miracle Network and the American Red Cross.

It’s a good cause, costs you nothing but a few minutes of your life.

There will be 6 “tasks” to do, you complete them, and tada! you have earned some money for Health.

Now, there is one “task” that is a “Robot Wedding” video, and I have not figured out what this one is yet, or what it want from you. If anyone figures this out, or already know, please, do let me know so that I can actually complete the six steps myself also.

Thank you for your support!


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