No pics : (

14 Jun
So, those pics I promised of my dog(s) while out walking.. I don’t  have them. The reason: I couldn’t find the camera. And when I finally found it, the battery was flat. I don’t know where the charger is, and I don’t know where the extra battery my daddy claims we have is. Besides, the weather is typical Norwegian: rain. Which means Dexter, the tiny dog that isn’t really mine, won’t walk. So I had to carry him half the way anyway.
Anyway, here is a picture of my dog:

Name: Macmaster’s Mini Miro

Age: 6

Breed: Mini Schnauzer (he is a small one even for his breed, and he’s got way too much fur – normally)

More: Lovely sweet dog, quiet, “loner”, doesn’t like to be petted too much, “mommy’s dog”, likes to be outside in the yard and go for long walks, barks when the doorbell rings, runs after bikers. But generally a nice little fella without too much trouble.

Ha, sounds like I’m making a sale’s profile for him, but there is no way I’m selling him, he is very very dear to me, as you might see.

Since I have no picture of Dexter, I uploaded a pic of the neighbour dog instead;

She is the sweetest. 8 years old? Old lady, but so sweet. She walks loose, never ever leaves her property, even if you call on her as long as her leash is on the front porch. Very calm and quiet, pet her and you get a weird sense of .. calm.. serenity inside you. I know it sounds weird, but I’m not kidding. This is a special one. Doesn’t she look sweet already? Gotta look quite hard to find a sweeter doggie than this one.


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