My day so far + pics!

14 Jun

Alright so dinner today consisted of beef, potatoes, and cabbage. And soda. It was delicious, but sadly I didn’t think about taking a picture of it. We hid a little bit of meat around the garden for the dogs to find, which is always great fun, because the one dog searches and searches like crazy and can step on a piece of meat without noticing, and the other one doesn’t understand anything.

Anyway, I’m home again now, to my beloved dogs. Though I miss my friend, Mads. ( ). I’m home alone with my brother and dogs and having a pretty chill time, playing facebook games and reading a magazine. Have to walk the dogs soon though. Oh! I can take some pics then, so you can see some pics, must be real boring reading only text.

But I have my own computer now and I uploaded a few pics:

The beach by my house

Fun photo shoot with two great friends


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